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Typhoon VongFong OmPong

KMA.go.kr 제 19호 태풍 봉퐁(VONGFONG) 기상청 as many aspect of Life is : different geographical regions have its perks and draw-backs . and in the Orient, tropical storm as typhoons form several times around Summer – many to wreck havoc on their paths . in the simplest sense : it is like a dart game with many misses, as you sign when its outer boundaries barely touch your area . ofcourse for children who are raised here, some of their worst, scary memories are from them . and for better-of-worse, each is given a distinct name originating in South-East, Asia – ironically, some quite cute . then once in a random while : it passes straight through the whole of a continent or nation, as this one is, through the whole length of Japans – even beginning from its Southern-most Okinawa islands . then it incredibly changed course to head straight for its four main islands . but Thank God it will eventually weaken to do little damage by the time it hovers over the third .

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