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Gasan Digital Complex OutLet

on the far-South-West outskirts of the Capital of Seoul : Guro or formerly Kuro industrial complex “Guro GongDan” was the hard-production district of machinery, that boosted war-torn South Korea onto the wireless Millennium .

and with metropolitan Seoul expanding with supreme real-estate value, it has all disbursed with further miracle borne a train station further West at Gasan or Kasan Digital Compound or Complex . no you don’t see any heavy industry here, but mammoth buildings where countless dot.com start-ups share office space and those without the capital to station a product support center at YongSan Electronics Market area, to have one here .

one such building shown here (Right of my road ‘D’ on second map below) is aptly named “Great Valley” aspiring to be even greater than Silicon States-Side .

and as Korea has evolved in its own way out-of-the ordinary, another handful of buildings form a new fashion brand outlet mall district on the South-Eastern block . on the photo above : an IT(information technology)-Tower stands next to HanSeum Factory Outlet, Left of my Road ‘D’ on the second map below .

access is near a set of subway stations, while other major outlets are afar, mostly reachable by car, although they do offer shuttle buses . so you will notice the subway visitors here more modest than those driving their own cars to Paju and Yeoju – an hour North-West and South-East of the Capital of Seoul respectively .

also it might be a good time to visit the newest of Korean goliath shopping complexes : Times Square at YoungDeungPo Subway Station on the way, where you can witness how astronomically expensive European import brands are sold at premium prices on posh locations . the Korea National Railroad in White and its subway route in Blue is over-lapped on the map below, so the Left of the map below  seems cut-off but the rail line from Kuro to Kasan or Gasan is linked .
*Seoul Subway Line 7 is in khaki and Line 2 green
120609-Seoul-Gasan-Map-Korea-Expat-BLog 120609-Gasan-Digital-Complex-OutLet-Map-Korea-Expat-BLog 
I have named the Red Letterings above on major roads forming the outlet block . and once out of the subway station, you best linger from A to B and optional C then back D to the subway station .

  • Fashion island is closest to the subway station but you can skip this, for most brands contained over-lap with other outlets, and does not have any clear characteristic, as well as loose-minded vendors (sales clerks),
  • Mario is the first establishment to arrive at the outlet scene here, and successful that hey have opened another outlet building, and now building their third one – getting near to the subway station on each try,
    *I find they have better American sportswear and shoes brands here, with Samsonite and luggage on the ground floor .
  • W-Mall is the latest so the most popular so-far, and while Mario is a collection of narrower buildings, W-Mall is one whole spacey building so you have more room,
    *and they are of more high-end boutique atmosphere with joyous restaurant floor of food-court and Samsonite and luggages under-ground .
  • further North-East on my Road ‘C’ above, places brands name who have the capital and chosen to open their own independent buildings such as Nike and Aigle as well as Korea’s own .
  • on the way back, Left of my Road ‘D’ above : you have to try HanSeum Factory Outlet, for it is a true outlet with rows and rows of hanged clothes, with no sales clerk to get in your way as most stores above .

Fashion island  

 Mario Outlet 1  

[ W-MALL ]


I personally consider a true outlet to have more than 40% discount off retail price, since anything less than 30% is mere SALE . but here on the whole, you will find anywhere from lame -10% to an incredible -80% depending on the outlet, brand and time .

and as in the whole-sale market area of East-Gate “DongDaeMoon”, more buildings are popping up following the success of early arrivals, as HyHill across from W-Mall is planned to open next March .



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– Korea Expat BLog, Early June 2012 –

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