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inCheon AirPort Late Night MidNight Limousine Bus

Express trains and limousine buses to and from inCheon international AirPort operate from around 5am until 11pm . but some tour agents and airlines like midnight owl tours to neighboring Japan and flights to Guam leave during wee hours of the night . thus AirPort Limousine Company runs a few bus schedules between midnight and sunrise .

while their schedules do change, the following holds true as of end of July 2015 .


Bus N6000 between inCheon AirPort and BanPo Express Bus Terminal

[ ROUTE ] West – East :
AirPort – SongJung – YeomChang – ShinYongSan – SEOUL Station



Bus N6001 between inCheon AirPort and SEOUL KTX Train Station

[ ROUTE ] West – East :
AirPort – SongJung – YeomChang – HukSeok – BanPo Bus Terminal




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