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– unanswered portions coming-up –



  • You seem to have several website and/or Blog each about different aspect of working and/or living in South Korea . Can you list them, its purpose and indicate how they relate to each other ?
    [A]t current count : we have about a dozen websites and/or BLogs about the divided Peninsula – some inter-connected . and No, will not simply list all of them because searchin’is half the fun on the.Net and if you do : should eventually land on our LINK site which does introduce all 😉 that is, except stand-alone B2B sites .
  • through which version of On-Line browers is this website best viewed ?
    [U]nlike my earlier computing days when I had to ride on the latest OS operating system, browser and media player : the oldest-but-Officially Supported system won in the long run . plus many private homes and small business still run on the oldest . due to ever-shifting demographics and security reasons I cannot indulge exactly which version this site is best atuned-for at a certain moment, but suffice to say the one local banks most target currently .
  • How is the contents of this site organized ?
    -Pages on Top Menu : contain topics to hold true for more than a Year,
    -while Posts on center blocks : are your Daily or Weekly Post varieties .
  • Your website design as well as graphics seem quite unique . so do you do your own design ?
    [Y]es most of our design is done by our associate KGB : Korea Tech BLog Graphic Battalion .




  • what is it with all your “i” is small letter case and capitalized “L” ?
  • all your geographic locations roam from West clock-wise to South .. any reason ?
  • and what does “Metropolitan Capital” actually mean ?
  • and “Satellite Cities” are only characteristical of massive Seoul ?
  • you repeatedly mention the “Millennium” and it is the year 2000, yes ?



  • are you a PT or ET, i.e., Perpetual Traveler or Eternal Tourist ?
  • How long have you lived in South Korea ?
  • and in which City ?
  • if so, which will eventually come first : You leaving here OR the whole place getting nuked ?



– Korea Expat BLog, March 2014 –

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