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Seven Wonders

The Seven Wonders of South Korea Post-Millennium Version


I am a cosmopolitan person who has to live and work in metropolis – as the Capital of Seoul is, out-grown with a hand-ful of Satellite Cities to bear the populace, still was fortunate to have the pleasure (and horror amid Typhoon) to live on the beachfront in the Port City of Busan or formerly Pusan . then some projects around the three shores of the Korean Peninsula . also to stay a while on the Southern-most island of Jeju . yes all work, for I have yet to go on a true vacation destination to the tune of Club Med.

conjuring the Seven Wonders of South Korea is a good recipe between traditional tourist sites and the Post-Modern mammoth shopping complexes, accentuated by recent high-rise building blocks . and as always, starting from West and going clock-wise :



  1. YongSan Electronics Market District – the place that literally “made” modern South Korea
  2. JamSil Lotte World : Korea’s own Disneyland centered around a large in-door skating rink
  3. DanYang PalGyeong (Eight Sceneries) traditional tourist sight in-land
  4. TaeJongDae – THE vantage point where Kings lingered as the greatest view of Korea .
    I am not the type to be impressed by scenery alone, but three-dozen tankers were heading into the Port of Busan or Pusan and it was the grandest scenery of a life-time .. must have been like this on D-Day on Normandy


  5. KwangAn Bridge crossing the popular KwangAn Beach, South-East of Busan or Pusan
  6. SooYoung High-Rise Apartments – recent development on touristy HaeUnDae Beach in Busan or Pusan
  7. Korea’s Southern island of Jeju : JoongMoon Resort on Southern Shores



and Seven Runner-Ups

  1. inCheon Airport, far-West of Seoul
  2. NamDaeMoon (South Gate) Open Market, old central Seoul
  3. DongDaeMoon (East Gate) WholeSale Apparel Market District of Seoul
  4. TechnoMart, Seoul Eastern limits
  5. BunDang New Town Apartment Complexes, an hour’s drive South of Seoul
  6. JungDongJin Train Station right on Korea’s Eastern Shores !!!
  7. YongHoDong Ghost Town, SouthEast Busan or Pusan


ofcourse then there is seven more .. and so Yoda mumbles “Endless is, Korea’s Wonders”
– Korea Expat BLog amid Monsoon Season 2012 –

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