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– 2023 –

as those who frequent would-know: Korea Expat BLog has been the authority on sharing up-to-date calendars on on-going international art fairs and major auctions around the Pacific Rim, also haute-counterparts on the Atlantic including Basel. undoubtedly all-in-one one-stop snap-shots onto creative happenings and trends around the Globe. the World has become ever-smaller with the influx of the internet AND airline discounts, but along-side still-enduring classic and post-modern furniture that you have to see-and-touch, you just have to experience artworks and sculpture yourself – even meeting the artist in-person to transcend their soul-karma onto your heart’n’brains. ever-still: wisely selected art is lastingly valuable than bit-coins//

breathing-protection masks aren’t mandatory even in-doors from Lunar NEW Years late January throughout the Utopian Peninsula, where by-now depending on which statistics: two out-of three or nine out-of ten citizens have now-once acquired Covid-19. children mostly pass-on without symptoms, adults go-through flu-like phase over a Week where-as this Corona Virus is still deadly for elders.

*Covid-19 Corona Virus-related foreigners’ travel warning alerted here:

  1. GREEN: almost-none except pre-vaccination (South-Korea has implemented fifth-tier last Winter and citizens carry records in their smart-phones)
  2. YELLOW: pre-vaccination PLUS pre-departure negative test (usually 2-days before).
  3. RED: Quarantine on-arrival OR Self-Control (in a single-person occupancy), usually for a Week.

*check when-you reserve flight and hotels, and again a Month and Week before departure as situations change (although governments announce-early of coming-change); simply searching On-Line “[country] entry requirements” will-do .

[ NEW ] Art SG January 12 Thursday until 15 Sunday at Singapore Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.
border-entry requirements as-of January: vaccinated at least two-Weeks before arrival –

  • Jan.11 Wed.2~5pm Vernissage, then 5~9pm ViP Hour
  • Jan.12 Thu.~ 14 Sat.11am~7pm tickets
  • Jan.15 Sun.11am~5pm tickets

Sotheby’s Hong Kong:

  • Jan.26 Thu.10am Fine Watches
  • Feb.21 Tue.11am Modern Discoveries


L.A. Art Show February 15 Wednesday until 19 Sunday at Los Angeles Convention Center.

  • Feb.15 Wed.6~10pm Opening Night Premiere
  • Feb.16 Thu.~18 Sat.noon~8pm tickets
  • Feb.18 Sat.10am~8pm ViP Red Card
  • Feb.19 Sun.10am~6pm ViP Red Card / noon~6pm tickets

Frieze Los Angeles February 16 Thursday to 19 Sunday at Santa Monica Airport.

  • Feb.16 Thu.10am~7pm invitation
  • Feb.17 Fri.11am~8pm tickets
  • Feb.18 Sat.11am~7pm tickets
  • Feb.19 Sun.11am~6pm tickets

( Art Philippines ) February 17 Friday to 19 Sunday at Link Ayala Center Makati.
border-entry requirements as-of February: vaccinated /or/ tested before departure /or/ test upon arrival –

  • 10am~9pm daily tickets

( Art Madrid February 22 Wednesday to 26 Sunday at Glass Gallery within Cibeles Palace )

Photo L.A. March 2 until 5 at Santa Monica Barker Hangar )

Art Dubai March 3 until 5 at Madinat Jumeirah.

  • Mar.1 Wed.& 2 Thu.2~9pm invitation
  • Mar.3 Fri.& 4 Sat.2~9pm tickets
  • Mar.5 Sun. noon~6pm tickets

World Art Dubai March 9 to 12 at World Trade Center.

  • Mar.9 Thu.11am~5pm tickets
  • Mar.9 Thu.7~10pm invitees
  • Mar.10 Fri.~12 Sun.1am~9pm tickets


Art Fair Tokyo March 10 until 12 at international Forum.
border-entry requirements into Japan as-of January ONLY for those arriving from China(except HK & Macau): negative Covid-test 72 hours before departure AND arrival test at quarantine station –

  • Mar.9 Thu. Private View
  • Mar.10 Fri.& 11 Sat.11am~7pm tickets
  • Mar.12 Sun. 11am~4pm tickets

Art Basel Hong Kong March 23 Wednesday to 25 Saturday at Convention and Exhibition Centre.
border-entry requirements as-of January: vaccination pre-flight +Covid-test 48 hours before departure, appended imminent to event: NONE except temperature-check at arriving airport –

  • Mar.21 Tue.noon~8pm Private View
  • Mar.22 Wed.noon~5pm Private View
  • Mar.22 Wed.5~9pm Vernissage
  • Mar.23 Thu.& 24 Fri.noon~2pm PV, 2pm~8pm tickets
  • Mar.25 Sat.11am~noon PV, noon~6pm tickets

Art Central Hong Kong March 22 Wednesday until 25 Saturday at HKCEC.
( ViP invitation shared with above Basel HK )

  • Mar.21 Tue. Preview
  • Mar.22 Wed.2~5pm tickets
  • Mar.23 Thu.& 24 Fri.noon~8pm tickets
  • Mar.25 Sat.11am~6pm tickets


X NOT-RECOMMENDED X [ NEW ] PhotoFairs ShangHai April 20 to 23 at Exhibition Centre.
border-entry requirements into China as-of March: Covid-test 48 hours before departure –

  • Apr.20 Thu.2~9pm Collectors’ Preview
  • Apr.21 Fri.noon~8pm ViP Preview
  • Apr.22 Sat.noon~8pm public
  • Apr.23 Sun.noon~6pm public

X NOT-RECOMMENDED X Art Busan May 5 until 7 at BEXCO.
border-entry requirements into South Korea as-of March: NO vaccination pre-flight NOR Covid-test before departure, neither quarantine upon-arrival, but recommend fill-in health/border-control form 72-hours before take-off –

  • May 4 Thu. ViP Preview
  • May 5 Fri.& 6 Sat.1~8pm tickets
  • May 7 Sun.11am~5pm tickets

Art Vancouver May 4 Thursday until 7 Sunday at Convention Centre

  • May 4 Thu.6~7pm ViP Preview then 7~11pm Opening Night Party
  • May 5 Fri.& 6 Sat.noon~9pm tickets
  • May 7 Sun.11am~5pm tickets

Art Taipei SOLO May 5 Friday to 7 Sunday at Expo Park.

  • May 4 Thu.noon~9pm Preview
  • May 5 Fri.& 6 Sat.11am~7pm tickets
  • May 7 Sun.11am~5pm tickets

Taipei Dangdai May 12 Friday until 14 Sunday at Nangang Exhibition Center.
border-entry requirements into Taiwan as-of January, updated March: recommend 7-day self-prevention/management (with one-person in one-room rule) measures from arrival –

  • May 11 Thu.2~5pm ViP Preview & 5~8pm Vernissage
  • May 12 Fri.~14 Sun. Public

Christie’s Hong Kong Spring Auctions May 24 until June 1 at Convention Centre.

  1. advance Viewing from April 3 to May 14 in major China and SouthEast Asian Cities
  2. preview May 24 Wed.~28 Sunday at HKCEC
  • May 25 Wed.3:30 Handbags and Accessories
  • May 26 Thu.1pm Watches
  • May 28 Sun.6pm Post-Millennium Evening Sale
  • May 28 Sun.7pm 20th/21st Century Art Evening Sale
  • May 29 Mon.1pm 20th Century Art Day Sale
  • May 29 Mon.5pm 20th Century Art Day Sale


Frieze New York May 17 Wednesday until 21 Sunday at The Shed

( Volta New York May 17 Wednesday until 21 Sunday at 125 W.18th St. )

( Volta Basel June 12 Monday to 18 Sunday )

Art Basel June 15 Thursday ~ 18 Sunday at Messe.

  • June 12 Mon.4~8pm First Choice ViP / 6~8pm Preview ViP
  • June 13 Tue.& 14 Wed.11am~8pm Private Days
  • June 14 Wed.5~8pm Vernissage
  • June 15 Thu.~18 Sun.11am~7pm Public

[ NEW ] Tokyo Gendai July 7 to 9 at Pacifico Yokohama.

  • July 6 Thu.2~5pm ViP Preview, 5~8pm Vernissage
  • July 7 Fri.& 8 Sat.11am~7pm general
  • July 9 Sun.11am~5pm general

( Art Santa Fe July 14 Friday until 16 Sunday at Convention Center )

  • July 14 Fri.noon~4pm First Look, 4~7pm Collectors’ Opening Night
  • July 15 Sat.& 16 Sun.11am~6pm tickets

Art Osaka July 28 to 30 at City Central Public Hall,
retracting into a hard-to-reach island and its new-satellite in a run-down factory

  • July 28 Fri.3~7pm Preview
  • July 29 Sat.11am~7pm Public
  • July 30 Sun.11am~5pm Public

with Expanded section across city at Creative Center.

  • July 26 Wed.& 27 Thu.1~7pm Public
  • July 28 Fri.~30 Sun.11am~7pm Public
  • July 31 Mon.11am~5pm Public


KiAF Korea international Art Fair September 6 Wednesday to 9 Saturday at COEX.

  • Sep.6 Wed.1~8pm ViP and Press Opening
  • Sep.7 Thu.11am~7:30 ViP and Preview
  • Sep.7 Thu.1~7:30 General Admission
  • Sep.8 Fri.& 9 Sat.11am~7:30 ALL above

Frieze Seoul September 6 Wednesday to 9 Saturday at COEX.

  • Sep.6 Wed.1~8pm invitation
  • Sep.7 Thu.& 8 Fri.11am~7:30 general
  • Sep.9 Sat.11am~6pm general

[ NEW ] PhotoFairs New York September 8 to 10 at Javits Center.

  • Sep.7 Thu.ViP Preview

Art Fair Asia September 22 to 24 at Marine Messe Fukuoka Hall B.

  • Sep.21 Thu.4~8pm ViP View
  • Sep.22 Fri.11am~7pm ViP View
  • Sep.23 Sat.11am~7pm tickets
  • Sep.24 Sun.11am~5pm tickets

Frieze London October 11 Wednesday to 15 Sunday at Regent’s Park

Art Taipei October 20 to 23 at World Trade Center.

  • Oct.19 Thu.3~9pm ViP Preview
  • Oct.20 Fri.11am~2pm ViP Preview
  • Oct.20 Fri.2~7pm public
  • Oct.21 Sat.& 22 Sun.11am~7pm public
  • Oct.23 Mon.11am~6pm public

Tokyo Art Week December 2 Saturday to 5 Tuesday around North-West

Art Cologne November 16 Thursday to 19 Sunday at Koelnmesse Fair Grounds.

  • Nov.16 Thu.noon~4pm Preview & 4~8pm Vernissage
  • Nov.17 Fri.& 18 Sat.11am~7pm visitors
  • Nov.19 Sun.11am~6pm visitors

Art Basel Miami Beach December 8 until 10 at Convention Center.

  • Dec.6 Wed.11am~7pm First Choice ViP
  • Dec.6 Wed.4~7pm Preview ViP
  • Dec.7 Thu.11am~7pm First Choice and Preview ViP
  • Dec.7 Thu.4~7pm Vernissage
  • Dec.8 Fri.~10 Sun.11am~6pm Public


post-note : two-characteristics have emerged this-year

  1. nations in the Orient and South-East Asia have-been laxing entry-restrictions into the country, as Corona-Virus has emerged into Earth populace immune-system by March, eventually even WHO announcing the end of COVID-19 as Global Pandemic on May 5th. not-that it is over, but much-lesser deaths and symptoms not-critical to-be administered as seasonal-flu . and for galleries as well-as collectors : the criteria here is that national disease-control do-NOT require vaccine documentation at border-entry nor mandate quarantine on-arrival . so many larger inter-national art fairs began opening-up again in March .
  2. and because fairs have-been re-opening and new-ones instigating – without ample preparation nor responsibility, that some have been deemed “NOT-RECOMMENDED” above, but worthy of-mention since they have been operating pre-COVID or may-improve in coming-years . *this has less to do with show-content (hinted in parantheses) as it is a matter-of personal-taste as the point of such exhibitions is to expose to other cities and countries, than the organizer’s management skills and ViP/Press protocol .

– 2024 –

india Art Fair

Art Dubai


– Korea Expat BLog (last update April 2023)

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