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DongDaeMun Apparel WholeSale Market

THE Most Extensive Guide to THE Textile AND Apparel WholeSale Market in the Capital of SEOUL
Where Boutiques and Shops from ALL over Korea come by actual Bus-Loads over the Wee Hours of the Night 0o0


*I will mostly have TWO names for each building, the first Korean pronounciation for you to get there, then its meaning in English to better understand how it all came to be .
*old Korean term of “ShiJang” traditionally for “open market”, now designates whole shopping buildings, as the nation has modernized swiftly //



old downtown of the Capital of Seoul was geographically bordered inside the “Great Gates”, of which two stands today – this East Gate “DongDaeMun” AND South Gate “NamDaeMun”- BOTH which have spawned large traditional open markets next to it, where everything could be had .

in Post-Korean-War Modern South Korea onto 1980’s : DongDaeMun became the textile AND apparel wholesale district, with miniscule shops stuttled inside a handful of buildings South of the actual East Gate, with textile market to its immediate West and pet wholesale area, mostly of birds and aquatic fish on the long stretch a block South-East (dogs and cats further South in the movie industry AND motorcycle shop area of CheungMuRo). this was a time when export was vital in the development of this nation, and lots of export items were smuggle-out to here, sold to locals without its original labels, thus tabbed “bo-sae”, along with the alley across the now-Grand Hyatt atop NamSan (South Mountain).

fashionable apparel for domestic sale was then in South Gate “NamDaeMun”. but as development in East Gate “DongDaeMun” pushed to claim the area as a “fashion town” in mid-1990’s, high buildings soared and its booth rented and higher fashion items now sell along-side earlier casual-wear, while NamDaeMun still acts as bargain retail for the general public (while current NamDaeMun sports wholesale for fashion accessories, eye-glasses, cosmetics, hair products and cameras).



over the Millennium, DongDaeMun is connected with an incredible FIVE Subway Lines ! but watch-out before you come-out of the train platform, because some inter-crossing subway lines are connected AT the actual train-platform many levels under-ground, than above outside of ticketing . older buildings such as the textile market composed of several-connected-buildings, remain as a maze daunting for new visitor to find anything . add to this : more apparel buildings are going-up even as of this writing AND hotels are increasing right on-premise . still, a few of the earliest buildings remain as de-facto for wholesale and consumer discount, each (earlier pre-1980’s buildings were FIVE-floors at most BUT longer in length, while newer post-1990’s buildings go up more than FOUR times that)


≫click and enlarge the map in a separate window for best routing≪
Subway Stations and Landmarks in BLACK – Hotels and Restaurants in GREEN – Main Shopping Buildings in BLUE
121228N800x629Ari-DongDaeMun-Market-Map-by-Korea-Expat-Blog IMG_0830cur649
[ TEXTILE MARKET ] top-Left of above map : we start from Seoul Subway Line 1 and 4 DongDaeMun Station Exits 8 and 9, which places you at the old DongDaeMun JongHapShiJang (integrated Market) which is an inter-connected maze of Blocks A, B, C, D and the NEW Wing . it is virtually impossible to find your way through here, unless with at least 2 hours of good leg-work . after-which you would collected a dozen business cards, and then an ultimate favourite carrying ALL your needs, for most booths have their own distinct theme of items . and the first thing to do after spotting your favourite store, is to find out which of the many exit/entrance to which which block building it is ! You will eventually feel the product groups are gathered on similar floors than building blocks . here a rough which-is-where guide with many exceptions :

  • 5th FLOOR : sewing tools and accessories,
  • 3 & 4th FLOORS : fabric, silk and furs,
  • 2nd FLOOR : fabric including Korean traditional, weaves, lace, curtains and buttons,
  • ground FLOOR : men’s suite fabric, blankets, curtains, carpet, towels and even china bowls,
  • under-ground : thread, blankets, lace, interior fabric, sofa covers and made-to-fit,


open hours are roughly same as Official business times, and differ as these tiny booths are private stores and begin about 8am ~ 9:30 to close around 6 or 7pm early evening .

every one eventually has their recommendation, and if you are looking for 100% silk :

  • NEW Wing 3rd FLOOR #52 Life Silk has softer and plain colors,
  • Block D 3rd FLOOR $302 HanSung Silk has thicker, joyfully varied motifs,


[ FOR CONSUMERS ] and as you exit out of their Norther blocks, across ChunGaeChun Water Stream above which once rose a freeway running West-East, through old downtown Seoul – now demolished to amazingly allow citizens to stroll-by and even ducks to swim it 0o0 you will see the original PyungHwa ShiJang (Peace Market) apparel wholesale market, which is another series of buildings this time : lining the North bank of ChunGaeChun Water Stream .
IMG_0832cur640MonPATStr DSC05153_640-Doota-Migliore-DongDaeMun-Korea-Expat-BLog
the whole immense block West of Subway Line 4 which cuts through North-South the whole DongDaeMun Apparel Market, is lined by new high buildings geared for consumers . the two earliest AND most popular buildings Doota and Migliore (pronounce without the ‘g’) are at its North-West entrance, BUT with a stark contrast in attitude towards customers : as Doota is basically price-labelled, while Migliore begins with notorious price-calling, to eventually tone-down drastically as customers start leaving the booth for another . so I definitely recommend the former -_- which also accept credit cards, but as you yonder onto the newer buildings, which have substantially gone-up following success of the earlier two, charge YOU their credit card processing FEE Jesus //

also behind these block await many restaurants AND massage parlours to soothe your stomach and muscles day-and-night . and in the very alley between the popular Doota and Migliore : the well-known Chinese restaurant – because it is more Chinese-Chinese than your much-common variety of Korean-Chinese situated on almost every neighborhood throughout South Korea – open 24 hours .
DSC05180_533x400 DSC06415cur480-Caffe-Bene-DongDaeMun-Korea-Expat-BLog
and across the large street from Doota, as you enter the wholesale area : the only coffee shop Caffe Bene large enough to lay down your shopping luggages – again, open 24 hours . the massive ovular green behind the coffee shop was formerly DongDaeMun BaseBall Stadium, now demolished to pave way as a goliath structure is being built to spurn the egg of Fashion Town dreamt by Seoul City Mayor yawn .

all-that-said, one can never get much detailed information on each shop, as there are so many in each building, and some do change frequently depending upon the market and their target . so the best is to get the big picture of the whole area and characteristic of each building . this can be best done by getting one upon a hand-ful of fold-out maps distributed FREE at tourist information booths (usually at main intersections) and at hotels and residences (simpler, no-frills hotels).



*even though there are not much detailed information available on consumer portion of the whole DongDaeMun Market as explained above, even less can be found for wholesale districts . this is because the middle-players need to protect themselves from copy from competitors, as well as keeping general consumers out . so the following information is as much you will be able to find, more-so in English ! other-wise, if you are a store-owner and is serious about purchasing here, contact me through eMail noted in business section on Top Menu . no replies will be given on whole-sale inquiries on comment section below //


[ WHOLESALE AREA ] turning to the Right awaits the two most popular, or rather trendy wholesale buildings in DongDaeMun : U:Us (You, Us) and Nuzzon (pronounce New Zone). U:Us is more trend-cutting of the two, therefore vendors exchange owner-ship quite frequently . business is mostly done in cash, thus purse-snatching occurs quite frequently, even though vendor rows have video cameras to check after-wards . a great sight is the rows of apparel stacked in front of the buildings, awaiting courriers to shift them throughout the country . also, the ground floor entrance of larger building sport UPS and DHL-like courrier services .
DSC05145_640-Nuzzon-U-Us-DongDaeMun-Korea-Expat-BLog IMG_0884cur480
then entering another alley toward more wholesale buildings to the North-East, a popular vegetable-rolled meat restaurant named “DaChae” (meaning varied vegetable), offering joyous Korean salad buffet with either grilled Korean pork or beef 😉

but this is NOT all, for as in all aspects of Life, especially today’s virtual : there interestingly lies a grey area in between the consumer AND wholesale areas, BOTH price-wise AND geographic . meaning : they sell whole-sale, BUT also about +20% price for consumers as well – but may give you wholesale price if you buy more than TWO identical model . it is the inverted-triangle across from the coffee shop mentioned above . most notably two lower-than-rest buildings :

  • NamPyeongHwa ShiJang (South Peace Market) whose under-ground floors sport hand-bags as well as luggage . although consumer buildings out-West in Doota as well as Migliore have luggage areas on top floors, I as a luggage enthusiast prefer NamDaeMun (South Gate) Market South Block AND iTaewon South-West Block .
  • Jae-il PyeongHwa ShiJang (Number One Peace Market Yes, the names are beginning to sound like those of BeiJing) whose ground, 2nd and 3rd floors are stacked with ladies and especially children’s AND menswear – NOT only local BUT even European imports (although NOT your top-designer brand of Gucci and Prada variety) which sell at over-double prices in chic boutiques in posh KangNam, rightfully translated as South of the Han River .


[ BUSINESS HOURS ] notoriously irregular but mostly :

  • Textile Market : office business hours,
  • Consumer Buildings : 24 hours,
  • WholeSale Buildings : open late night, to close before sun-rise .

listed in detail by building at link portion on bottom of this Page :

DongDaeMun East Gate Market Open Hours


[ AUTOMOBILE PARKING ] under-ground floors of consumer buildings on the West, as well as the whole under-ground of the main intersection in the wholesale area in the East of DongDaeMun Apparel Market has large parking areas, BUT traffic comes to a dead-lock during commuting hours 7~9am and 6~8pm, then especially late-night when boutique and shop owners and operators arrive literally by the bus-loads from all corners of the Korean Peninsula . so public transportation is utterly recommended, as FIVE subways criss-cross through the whole of DongDaeMun, then taxi cabs abound during mid-night to 5:30 am when subways and bus don’t run .




14.7.2 DongDaeMun East Gate Market Open Hours

DongDaeMun East Gate Market Open Hours

12.12.28 DongDaeMun FAQ

DongDaeMun FAQ

13.8.3 DongDaeMun MAP

DongDaeMun MAP

13.8.2 DongDaeMun Apparel WholeSale Market Summer Vacation Holiday Dates Closed 2013

DongDaeMun Apparel WholeSale Market Summer Vacation Holiday Dates Closed 2013

13.9.13 DongDaeMun Market SEOUL ChuSeok ThanksGiving Holidays Closed Dates 2013

DongDaeMun Market SEOUL ChuSeok ThanksGiving Holidays Closed Dates 2013


all information above holds true as of Christmas 2012, and partially updated February 2016
– the always-extensive Korea Expat BLog –


I’m from Malaysia, I will come next month for wholesale woman clothing stock. Which outlet will you recommend me? Want to get a good wholesaler so that next time we can contact through phone. Thank you.

No mention at all that the wholesale markets all close for the summer. This information isn’t on any websites and not even the Korean Tourism information site.

1.Not ALL WholeSale Markets close for the Summer .
2.as each building or consortium of buildings have their holiday closing dates
announced either at their website and/or earlier at each building entrances,
which is usually a few days early in August .
– most don’t post in other languages, as these are mostly for the local market
where import and export companies or their agents would .

3.WholeSale is NOT Tourism, so it won’t be on their site
but up to traveling agencies to post, if they are gathering group tours to visit there .
4.Plus I have posted holiday dates during Lunar NEW Years, Summer and ThanksGiving
although NOT every year, but which can act as an approximate guide //

Hi, is there any way to access the Korean wholesale market (apparel, accessories) via email/websites (e.g. online catalogues, ordering) without having to physically visit the Dongdaemun market? I’m based overseas and would really love to bring in these goods, but it won’t be viable for me to fly there all the time to replenish stocks. Thank you.

I would like to visit to meet a sewing or tailoring outlet who can produce my design to specification in small quantities.. please can you be of help.

1.For those inquiring open hours especially during national holidays : Please refer to the separate Page linked at TOP MENU .
2.For store-owners inquiring WholeSale contact and guide : I have relayed your coordinates to our associate who will eventually contact you, but may take some time

Hi, im from Malaysia. I’m starting up my fashion biz. Could you provide some guidance on store-owners inquiring WholeSale contact and guide. I’m looking for good n reliable wholesalers. Also I have some more inquiries, could u pls reply me privately via email. Thx a lot.

I’m gonna start a boutique next year.. Can u please suggest me ,best time for purchasing dresses and accessories in Seoul. ?? Thank you

Hi, I am planning to start online fashion business in Malaysia. May I know is there any recommended good & reliable wholesalers?
I may not able to fly to Korea frequently so wish to work & order via email for subsequent deal. Thank you.

First off, I want to say I LOVE your site. It is amazing. Thank you! I’m a store owner looking for more information on the wholesale clothing. I would also want details on custom printing and embroidery. Thank you.


I am setting up a fashion e-commerce web portal and would like to:
-Rent office/workspace in U:US mall / adjacent region
-hire local team to help in bulk-buying fashion designs
-meet with a sewing /tailoring team to customise apparel
-rent accomodation suitable for a couple nearby

I am already in Seoul and looking at setting the above immediately.
Please help me/guide me


I’m opening an online shopping site soon and I would like to import products from Korea. As I find Korea one of the best generator of creative and trendiest designs in the world.

The main thing for me is that i can’t really travel down to Korea to check and replenish stock as readily as others can.

Would I be able to get access to stock online so I can order for my site?

Your guidance is most appreciated!



I’m setting up an online store and would like to order fashion from one of the wholesale website. I’m currently looking for coordinator in Korea who could help me deal with ordering and shipping process. Could you please provide me some suggestion or advice on this issue?



Like everyone, i am aso untending to create my own online shop selling fashion accessories like earrings, rings and etc. Do you know where I shld go to take a look??

I would like to import women clothes from Korea.
Grateful if you can please provide me email address of wholesalers so that I can get in touch with them.
Many thanks for your kind assistance

Appreciate if could furnish me with some wholesaler and coordinator contacts in Seoul that I can get in touch with for online apparel business. Thank you!

Hi! anyone please tell me where is the wholesales market for eyewear- glasses in korea? or Is there wholesale online shop?

Looking to set up online business to sell korean accessories, apparels, kids apparels. Would need recommendations on wholesalers. Thanks.

I’m setting up an online store in Singapore and Albania and would like to order fashion from one of the wholesale website. I’m currently looking for coordinator in Korea who could help me deal with ordering and shipping process. Could you please provide me some suggestion or advice on this issue?

Hello, I’m currently looking for accessories wholesalers from Seoul to import into Canada for online and pop up business. Would appreciate if you could refer any contacts to work with.

Hello there. I’m looking for wholesaler for fashion accessories and clothing in Korea for my online business. I have been there once in Korea and I love the designs. Appreciate if you could link me to the wholesalers/ coordinators. Thank you very much & have a nice day!

I’ve been looking for a tailor at DDM (or even Itaewon) to make bespoke clothes for my measurements and/or add on fur or trims to jackets. I buy cloth and fur there and I’m not looking to do commercial, just my own clothes. I’ve tried asking the vendors at DDM and most wont give me the time of day. Those that do can’t communicate an exact place to me. Can you help ?

Hi there, thanks for your informations on your blog. I hope to understand more on the wholesale process in dongdaemun. Is there any agents or wholesalers I could contact with purchases for the wholesale clothing ? Really appreciate if you can provide me with more details.

Hope to hear from you soon . Thanks again

Hey, I’ve also got questions about the wholesale market for fabrics. Would be grateful to speak with you or your associates.

Thank you!


Would like to start a boutique with Korean fashion.

Do contact me on coordinator arrangement n etc services

I have an online business in women fashion, particularly Korea style. Do you have any wholesale fashion supplier in Korea contact that I can work with?

Many thanks in advance

Hi, I like to understand when is the best month to get summer clothing before all wholesaler carry fall/winter outfit? Was planning to fly over in the month of July or September. Which month would be better?


Interested to get wholesalers contact for frequent purchases for my online eSingapore shop.
Would also need advice on the shipping

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