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DongDaeMun 2019 ThanksGiving Holidays

all dates below from Official bulletin of its building management offices, as always clock-wise from North to East :

[ NORTH-WEST] ( mammoth bedding and fabric building which really is a maze, just behind the NEW JW Marriott DongDaeMun Square SEOUL Hotel )


[ NORTH-EAST] ( toys, shoes, birds and aquarium on the Northern bank of CheonGaeCheon waterways East-ward from the actual ancient East Gate which is DongDaeMun )

Shoes Market (this is the third long-narrow building East of the class East Gate along the Northern bank of CheonGaeCheon waterways)
– closes September 12 Thursday until 15 Monday for 4 full days.


[ EAST BLOCK ] ( whole-sale, mostly open at nights )

NamPyeongHwa Sanga (translates into South Peace Market, which is a whole building adjacent to the flowing CheonGaeCheon water-ways) : closes September 11 Wednesday to re-open
– 2nd & 3rd Floors, apparel from 16 Monday 8pm
– BF and Ground Floors, bags from 17 Tuesday 0am (Monday’s midnight)


– initial Post August 31 2019, Korea Expat BLog

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