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DongDaeMun 2019 ThanksGiving Holidays

all dates double-checked from Official bulletins, as always geographically clock-wise from North to East :

[ NORTH-WEST] ( huge bedding and fabric building whose interior is a maze, behind the NEW JW Marriott DongDaeMun Square SEOUL Hotel )


[ NORTH-EAST] ( toys, shoes, birds and aquarium on the Northern bank of CheonGaeCheon waterways, just East of the actual ancient East Gate which is DongDaeMun )

Shoes Market (this is the third building – long-narrow, East of the “East Gate” along Northern bank of CheonGaeCheon waterways)
– closes September 12 Thursday until 15 Monday for 4 full days.


[ EAST BLOCK ] ( whole-sale, mostly open at nights )

NamPyeongHwa Sanga (translates into South Peace Market, which is a whole building adjacent to the flowing CheonGaeCheon water-ways) : closes September 11 Wednesday to re-open
– 2nd & 3rd Floors, apparel from 16 Monday 8pm
– BF and Ground Floors, bags from 17 Tuesday 0am (Monday’s midnight)

– initial Post August 31 2019, Korea Expat BLog

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Unfortunately, I have planned my travels on 12-16 Sept 2019 and I’d really like to visit some of these malls especially to see clothing. Please please update if you have more info of which mall open or close during Korean thanksgiving. Thank you so very much.

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