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Shopping Complex

introduced here, from West clock-wise :

  1. Gimpo Airport Lotte Mall (far West of Seoul 2011.12)
  2. SinDorim TechnoMart (Seoul-West 2007.12)
  3. YongDeungPo Times Square (Seoul-West 2009.9)
  4. Yoido island iFC Mall (Seoul-West 2012.11)
  5. Seoul KTX Station (Central Seoul 2004.4)
  6. YongSan KTX Station (Seoul South-West 2004.4)
  7. Banpo Central City (Seoul-South 2000.9)
  8. WangSimNi Train Station BitPlex (Seoul-East 2008.9)
  9. Seoul Forest The Sharp (East 2014)
  10. KonKuk University Station StarCity Complex (Seoul-East 2008.10)
  11. KangByon Station TechnoMart at (Seoul-East 1998.4)
  12. SamSungDong COEX Complex (Seoul South-East COEX:1986.5 Mall:2000.5 Remodel:2014.11)
  13. JamSil Lotte World (Seoul further South-East Mall:1988.11 Adventure:1989.7)
  14. Tower of Babel (partially open 2014.10)
  15. SongPaGu Garden Five (South-East-end 2010.6)
  16. Hanam StarField (far-East before Paldang Bridge 2016.9)
  17. Busan Centum City (East in SooYeongGu 2007.12)


just to differentiate “Shopping Complexes” from normal Shopping Areas I’ve mentioned on another page : these Complexes are artificial and man-made consisting of a handful of large buildings to form a gigantic mall both above ground AND underneath – a different layout than your usual mall in the States where a handful of department stores are connected through 1~3 floors of independent stores . they are mostly amassed South of the Han River, since North in the “old” Seoul there simply is no more space to build such a monolith .

equally important geographically in modern Korea is that all are in some way connected to a train or subway line because if you want to open shop, nowhere is better than “Yeok-Sae-Gwon” near train and bus stations . I might add here the unique case of Japan : where railroad companies built railroads .. then built hotels above major stations, department stores next to it, and all sorts of underground passage around it with more shopping areas AND restaurants, forming mega-complexes in each major station .

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