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iceLand EnTrapped Conclusion

so here concludes what the small town iceLand police has been encircling for a whopping THREE Seasons concluding the second decade of the Second Post-Millenium.

the first two installments of Trapped Series had to do with its astounding nature and the coming of technical civilization onto the freezing island nation. these has been implemented to disguise viewer’s attention away from the initial murder which was mostly family-motivated. however on this third Season with a different-but-related title as it is now produced by Global Entertainment Mogul, slightly derails into occult groups and motorcycle gangs again to deflect attention from family-instigated killings. and is a triology in its own right for it solves the main question asked at the beginning of the originial series: “Why the investigator in the Capital City was demoted onto a remote sea-side town as Chief-of-Police.

also differing on this third Season is that it consists of six Seasons than the previous ten, where things begin to speed-up half-way usually Series 5 or 6. and this time-around the first fog-of-war has been cleared at the end of Series 5 where the aggressive motorcycle gang attack onto the occult group, has been compromised leaving the last Series 6 to conjure-up this Season 3 as well as the big question mentioned earlier on this paragraph. no matter how difficult for you it was to figure things-out on this last Season and Series we see TWO things for-sure: elders’ institutions AND prisons in iceland are comfortably nice 😉 (aside from that a small-town police stations with NO toilet – which a prisoner’s excuse to escape in Season 1′)

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