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End of an Era

from large population of Chinese in North-Eastern part of South Korea : rumours spread of taxi-drivers in Wuhan China warning people NOT to go near the meat-market at years-end 1999 . by Chinese Lunar NEW Years two-months later : annual tourists swarmed into the Peninsula . thus started the age of Corona Virus . and until vaccines were ready a year-later, people wore face-masks and hand sanitizers which rose-to premium the first half of 2000 . good-that people were accustomed from MERS from Middle-East on early-Summer 2015 and sand-storms from Mongolia . the government was quick to enact vaccines every 4~5 Month-period from 2021 relying on then-research data indicating its effects wane-down in a few months . it is a system where residents including foreigners have the choice to receive vaccines in the many dedicated-hospitals in their neighborhood, FREE but cannot buy-it more that allotted schedules where by-now every eager citizen would-have had four-to-five doses (because the early Janssen was a SINGLE-dose when others were double for-effect). the last of-which was Winter vaccine of BA.1 (whose half is against the NEW Omicron variant) distributed-from October 2022 (BA.4/5 came-out in November for further variants) and to-end April 7, then with reduced outlets until April 30 after-which it will be given until existing supplies-last . Korea CDC states vaccines will be an annual event from now-on, counting the reduction in-half due to current estimate that Korean now-retain ample antibodies .

current daily life in South Korea is that people still wear masks in subways, buses and in shopping malls, but take-off in cafes, restaurants, office and outdoors, with hand-sanitizers still placed where-ever you enter indoors including elevators .

– Korea Expat BLog

Post-Script 5 May 2023 : Childrens-Day is a common national holiday in neighboring countries of South Korea and Japan, followed soon by Parents’ Day and Teachers . The World Health Organization WHO Officially announced today that Corona Virus that started in the wet-meat market of Wuhan China as COVID-19 will cease-today as a Global Pandemic . people still die from-it but it will no-longer transmit in-speed through-out the World . noting now the scandal-sick organization (while NOT as terminal as the Boy Scout of America fallen in-grace from gay-accusations) is steps-late in accepting nor announcing anything – to be safe lacking any explorative-mind understandable for its size and multi-culturicity .

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