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COEX Complex


more of a cosmopolitan city within a humongus block in a wide spread-out area of SamSungDong, but you won’t get lost for there are kind information desks amid :

  • TWO Intercontinental Hotels on each end
  • City AirPort Terminal
  • HyunDai Department Store COEX Branch
  • THREE business towers
  • OakWood Apartments
  • COEX Exhibition Center (old & New Wing)
  • underground shopping mall with BookStore & Aquarium


the most well laid complex here, CAT does advance-booking on your flights and has limousine buses to haul you to Incheon Airport (NOT Kimpo) along the scenery of riverside highway . Bandis & Lunis BookStore has an extensive selection of English as well as Japanese books . and the foodcourt circling in the middle of the underground mall is a joy .

1st floor or ground level layout : Right side is facing North  

exhibition schedule

always events going on at the gigantic halls on ground level~4F but exhibitions have a different meaning here, open to passers-by but WITH an entrance fee . if you are attending conference here, no need to book the deluxe hotels within the complex, for several budget “residences” and local inns within walking distance 😉 another secondary exhibition center is 1 large block South at “HakYoWool” Subway Station (NO linked passage though).


B1 underground simple layout – Right side faces North :


B1 detailed shopping level layout – Right is North : click to view full size


and shop listing of the Southern half of B1 (Left on above map) as of December 2010


connected underground via Subway Line 2 SamSungDong Station Exits 5 & 6
most stores open 10am~10pm

MegaBox Movie Theatre 8am~1am Fri/Sat/Sun ~2am

Bandi & Luni’s BookStore with a large English AND Japanese section,
2nd only to Kyobo BookStores with more branches 10am~10:30pm

underground Aquarium whose major attraction is sharks .
usually packed with visiting kindergarten AND elementary school children,
also has a mucho romantic restaurant with seats aside aquarium glass-panes 10am~8pm

– January 2009

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