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ShangHai HongQiao AirPort

you can surf all over the grand airports of the World, as here I will chat of the local airfields that serve devoted to the Pacific Rim . as an extensive traveler, I loath airports that take TWO hours to reach from their serving cities (as much as difference electricity plugs -_-)

I recently had a wet dream while visiting a small art fair in KDJ Exhibition Center in the under-valued city of GwangJu laying South-West of the Korean Peninsula . it is ONE subway train station away (bullet train station a tad further THREE stations !) Wholly Sacred Entity !!!


like-wise, it is so ~ nice this Korea, neighboring Japan and MainLand China all have a slice off their domestic airport (all once THE airport well before the Millennium) to connect overseas airports in neighboring countries 😉

  • GimPo AirPort serving Seoul,
  • Haneda AirPort serving Tokyo,
  • HongQiao AirPort serving ShangHai,

in the order of close geographical proximity to its serving cities :
Haneda > HongQiao > GimPo

and with the easiest mode of transportation :
Haneda > GimPo > HongQiao
for nothing beats a scenic monorail ride from still-somewhat inconvenient Hamamatsu-cho Station

but then again, HongQiao has the cheapest taxi ride if you have luggage ~ about RMB 80 and 45 Minutes West from tourist central of NanJing-Ru .

and in the order of large scale of its international Terminal :
Haneda > GimPo > HongQiao
nothing beats Haneda’s re-vamp of its international Terminal, although HongQiao has considerably added their Domestic Terminal 1 for Expo 2010 .


and here we talk of ShangHai HongQiao AirPort Terminal 1 – the smallest of the above and a frantic disappointment to Worldly travellers -_- sadly, a BLog Post informing what NOT to expect, yawn .

what a contrast to ShangHai’s newer international PuDong AirPort, reached far East from ShangHai with the World’s only super-fast Maglev Train . from the old ShangHai, you go across the river East over the real-estate development area comparable to KangNam in the Korean Capital of Seoul .

still, HongQiao AirPort is across from ShangHai’s Western Express Train Station of the same name, and again what a contrast, for this is a gigantic Train Station in futuristic awe !


Terminal 1 has domestic as well as international flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan – internationally to the same foreign airports mentioned above that share domestic flights .

SHOPPING : none, aside from a Lawson convenience store on its South corner,
RESTAURANTS : one small on above Lawson, with simple menu seemingly out of the can,



DUTY-FREE SHOPS : roughly 2 Chinese souvenir stores, 2 liquor and cigarette, a brand name store and a bookstore . that’s it – all small .
RESTAURANTS : two coffee shops at the ends and the same restaurant that was outside with this double the size, but same menu duh .

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