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20151021_184126cur360x640AriiLeft photo a quick peek at the cozy corner of my own World and unless you are an aspiring student on cross-continent tour, you want the trip to be as comfortable as possible without affairs, and the international this hub of the Orient offers many, but terms and locations change regular pending contracts so all information on this Page holds true between ThanksGiving and Christmas 2015 on mostly membership and some pay lounges operated by airlines and credit card companies . do check in advance on operating hours, as they differ from airlines to airport information . although a few local Korean credit card companies opened airport membership lounges from 2010, all had closed by early 2014 and now provide privileges in conjunction with airline and independent lounges . ♨ mark includes shower facilities and (*) are open hours verified through Official site .


[ iNDEX ]

  1. inCheon international Airport serving SEOUL
  2. GimPo Airport much closer to the Capital
  3. GwangJu Airport
  4. GimHae Airport serving the Port City of Busan or Pusan
  5. JeJu Airport at the Capital of Korea’s Southern-most tourist island


* * * * * inCheon Airport serving SEOUL * * * * *

( I have decided to list Duty-Free area inside PassPort Control in Northern structures on top of this Page, with general areas towards South in the main terminal at bottom for easier comprehension, and the order always going from West to East on this BLog )


[ inCheon Airport at Concourse island ] accessible in few minutes via under-ground monorail from main terminal – all inside PassPort Control thus Duty-Free :

  • Asiana AirLines Lounges ♨ mid-West 6am~midnight*
  • Cathay Pacific AirLines Lounge near-West 4F 6:30am~8:05pm
  • China Eastern AirLines ViP Lounge near-West 4F 6:30am~10pm
  • common lounge mid-East 4F 7am~9pm

[ inCheon Airport inside Duty-Free Zone ] this is the Northern-half of the main terminal where you board planes :

  • Asiana AirLines Lounges ♨ West-end on 4th Floor 5am~9pm*
  • Matina Lounge at West-end on 4th Floor 7am~9pm 032-743-3006
  • another Matina Lounge at opposite East-end 4F same hours & Tel.
  • KAL Korean Air First Prestige Class & Lounge East-end 4F 7am~9pm

[ inCheon Airport – outside border control] this is the check-in area comprising Southern half of the main terminal (although a massive structure : even a second terminal is under construction much further North)

  • Asiana HanSaRang Lounge near-West 3F 6:15am~8:30pm* 032-744-2255
  • CiP Members Lounge near-West 3F 6:30am~10pm 032-741-3324/5
  • ShinSeGae Department Store Lounge near-West 2F 7am~9pm 032-743-3400
  • WooRi Bank Lounge near-East 2F 7am~9pm 032-743-1096


[ Comfort and Emergency BEFORE Border Control ] while drugstores and pharmacies are located both outside and inside passport control :

  • inHa University Hospital at near-East 1B underground level open 24 hours
  • Spa-On-Air at far-East 1B offers shower, sauna and massage for pay 24 hours



GimPo AirPort : as this formerly domestic airport, now with an international terminal serving near-by airports in Japan and Taiwan – has much fewer lounges considering its relative short flight times, so understandably half-a-dozen coffee shops take its place .

( international Terminal at North-East )

  • Asiana AirLines Lounge at near North-East 3F, open from 6am until last Asiana flight
  • SpecialTea’s Air Loung Hyu resembling more of a coffee shop, at West side on 4th Floor 6:30am~8pm accepts Priority Pass, Diners Club, ViSA Premium and JCB Tel.02-2662-0084

( Domestic Terminal at South-West )

  • airlines lounge at Left near-South third floor
  • Asiana AirLines Lounge at above location 6am~8:30pm



GwangJu AirPort just two subway stations from KTX Train Station

  • Asiana AirLines Lounge at Right, near South-West 2F 6:30am~8:30pm* 062-943-2626
  • Korean Air Lounge on second floor 6am~11pm 062-942-0116
  • internet Lounge at Left North-East 1F ground floor 6am~10pm 062-940-0314/942-6160


GimHae AirPort serving Busan or Pusan

( international Terminal at North )

  • Asiana AirLines Lounge at Right near-North 3F from 6:10am until last Asiana flight

( Domestic Terminal at South )

  • Asiana AirLines Lounge at Right, West-corner 3F 6:10am~9pm
  • internet lounge at center 2F 6:30am~10pm 051-971-2643


JeJu AirPort Domestic Terminal is just North-West of its serving city of the same name

  •  Asiana AirLines Lounge at Left, near-West 3F 6:10am~9pm



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this Page is dedicated to sea-faring voyagers who dared to cross vast oceans, for glory and fortune when comfort was the last thing to expect, amid even safety through treacherous terrines and people .

– Korea Expat BLog –

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