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Bank Hours : most banks are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm (used to be 9:30 to 3:30 and open Saturday mornings) except :

  • Post Office (smaller branches don’t have banking service nor ATM) 9am ~ 4:30
  • SC (Standard Chartered) Jaeil 9:30 ~ 4:30

[ CHEQUE ] Checks in South Korea is not a slice of paper that you sign, but almost a cashiers cheque issue by a bank in any increments . W100,000 denomination used to be quite common until the introduction of W50,000 bills . with development of color printers it is quite easy to copy-and-print out a similar-looking one but a serious felony . each has a unique number and the providing party is often asked to hand-write his or her name and phone number (and in higher-than W1,000,000 even social security number) on the reverse side . it is safest to ask for bank transfer if you are receiving payment but there may be reasons for either party to prefer cheque instead . still it is best to take the received cheque to a issuing bank branch, where they can verify immediately and add into your account . or else, if you take it to any other banks : the sum will only be temporarily credited until the next working day .


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– all hold true as of October 17 2017, Korea Expat BLog –

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