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WangSimNi Train Station BitPlex

– in another case of Who Done iT .. WangSimNi seems to be the current (for it changes as administration does) Official spelling, which is the closest in actual pronounciation, but WangSibRee is the real translation letter-by-letter and WangShibRi in the way of our Japanese neighbors –


Koreans have learnt much from its Japanese neighbor, whose post-war karma was big railroad companies, who built mighty efficient railroads throughout the islands AND being such a company : built futuristic shopping malls onto AND beneath larger intersection stations, harder to fathom are hotels built on top of those shopping monoliths ..

however, comparably stuttered Korean subways and even KTX bullet trains came late after its development disecting its rumble history from the Korean War, and with it started alike tremendous shopping mall complexes – although still a handfull throughout the Korean Peninsula – at its hub stations where different subway lines meet .

one such subway and train station hub as well as shopping complex is this WangShibRi Station BitPlex . still a true hub, for it has its history as an intrigrual train station amidst humble neighborhood of common merchants, for it does not have any university campus near-by (except HanYang University way East) as KwonDae (further East), ShinCheon or HongDae (both further West) nor is it among glorious shopping addresses like KangNam .

even more humble than its counterpart in the West : YongDeungPo Station where the latest pizzaz Times Square is shining in glory . thus it is truely a transportation hub in the sense of the word, although shopping stores have been built on it .
( following lay-out holds true as of May 2012 )

  • 1911 started as a National Railroad train station
  • 1978 started routes within the Capital of Seoul
  • 1983 Subway Line 2 connected
  • 1985 Subway Line 5 connected
  • 2008 BitPlex Shopping and Movie Theatre Complex formed with
    – 6th~9th Floor : Dome indoor Golf Range
    – 4th~6th Floor : Four Seasons Water Park
    – 4th & 5th Floor CGV Movie Theatre
    – 4th Floor Food Court
    – 2nd & 3rd Floor : eMart SuperMart
    – Ground & UnderGround : Enter-6 Shopping Mall
  • 2012 further connection planned for October, linking the Southern Satellite City of BunDang

still it shines in its own right as its CGV Movie Theatre houses the largest-by-far iMAX screen in all of Koreas “V”



[ Links to Major Events at WangShibRi Station BitPlex Complex ]

11.12.18 Korean iMAX screen size comparison, with introduction to the largest WangShibRi CGV iMAX Theatre,
CGV Special Seat price list
and Links to major movie sites in South Korea :

12.5.12 Blizzard Entertainment Diablo iii 3 Limited Collector’s Edistion Release Event at WangShibRi Enter-6 Fashion Square Seoul :


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