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Ridley Scott Napoleon REVIEW

[ NUMBERS ] all-from the Director’s-mouth
– took 62 days of shooting
– with 11 cameras, 300 men, 900 horses
– 6 out-of actual 66 battle-scenes – all justifiable to watch on big-screnes

first-off, casting the actor with multiple-faces was good but on the beginning of the movie I-believe Napoleon was much-more young and with not-so serious-expression fixed onto his face.

on the initial 2-hours and 40 minutes Theatrical-Version: more-than first-half of the movie is on pre-romance and the rest bravely covers a number of Napoleon’s dozens of battles more-major, but each spectacle is so-short we-hope there was more explanation AND duration. and for-that I believe the director has pre-stated a 4-hours and ten-minutes Director’s-Cut would-be arriving on Apple+ even-so, in-retrospect: I hope a 3 + 3 + 3 Trilogy would-be more-fitting much-like George-Lucas’ Star-Wars Trilogy and No, not TV mini-series as Ridley-Scott’s Masterpieces belong on the big-screen//

over-all any critique would-be futile, even in this age-of planning to explore flights to Mars but thank the director for even the shortest of such spectacles thus Long-Live the Emperor~

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