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South Korea has distinct four Seasons with unbearably hot Summer especially in larger cities in-land, and Winter regularly going some-what below freezing temperature and snows about a dozen times . every other year snow may fall as to inhibit normal traffic : when schools will be closed for a couple of days . ofcourse Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit and experience the best the divided Peninsula has to offer . bordering North Korea has much cooler temperature with harsher Winter .

college campus have festivals in March which will remain as Splendor in the  Grass long after students graduate much like prom night, but in the day . the whole nation go out for vacation from about July 25th untol mid-August when beaches will be filled much like automobiles in the Capital of SEOUL during business hours .


much like tornadoes States-side : typhoons forming North-West Pacific Ocean wreck havoc as they North every Summer . and it is fortunate we live at a time when these can be forecast Weeks in advance 😉 these come with much wind but more danger come with more rare “guerilla storms” flooding especially older, poor areas in low altitude .

a few Amercian and international website show a good graphic path of major storms, but local site offer more detailed information :

  • KWeather has long-shown a good graphic route-by-time of typhoon selectable by its name from menu top-right, in Korean only
  • but recently Korea Meteorological Administration has a better map, amid quite detailed weather forcast – selectable in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese . you can jump to their English typhoon alert page (unlinked 2015.2.1 for security issues) for current route at a glance .

140708 web.kma.go.kr-eng-weather-typoon-typhoon_5days.jsp

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