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iceLand Trapped Review

a huge ferry from Denmark – the small sea-side town’s link to civilization mention many-a-times through the series – enormous enough to be mistaken as a cruise ship with the basic docks as its back-ground, arrives just when another vessel hauls-ups a mutilated man’s body-only out of the sea. thus the main-character police chief suspects the murder was done on the ship. then to reveal an East-European mafia gang involved in human-trafficking teenage girls, where the story get low as to the very-captain tying then raping 13-year old African girl. ofcourse this is a guise as the real-killer is withing the family. for it is found: small towns-wives have outrageous extra-marital affairs and husbands beat their wives.

if you still cannot wait to figure-out who dun’it of this initial series, here’s a couple of time-stamps where you can fast-forward to find-out:


36-minutes into Episode 7 comes the artificial visual climax (ofcourse the natural climax is of the avalanche although man-instigated at 46-minutes into Episode 4) where the arrested suspect – who stole the mutilated body but perhaps not its murderer – jumps out of police helicopter to his death.

13-minutes into Episode 8 you get the first major hint of the murder from the autopsy conducted from the stolen-then-recovered severed body, now sent to the iceland Capitol of Reykjavik: from a phone-call to the doctor phrasing all this all-the-while casually shopping-through a vinyl-record music store. of the victim who “died last Thursday. with final stage of kidney cancer – which did NOT kill him. chainsaw-cuts are all post-mortem, to dispose the body. deadly knife went right-through the heart to kill. then more knife-stabs rather shallow, wasn’t strong – all more-or-less from the same angle thus from the same person. so the initial death-blow was probably his weight that killed-him. meaning the victim fell-atop on the murderer. then someone-elses'(plural) finger-prints on the chainsaw which cut-away the head, arms and legs”.

15-minutes into the Last Episode 10 shows in-the-form of the murderer’s recollection: how the victim was killed and its body was cut into pieces, exactly to-the-word above of the doctor’s autopsy leak.

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