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JamSil Lotte World


inside the dome is amusement park with rides and exterior on the lake is Korea’s DisneyLand,
left/West of dome are shopping malls and right/East are Lotte Department Store and Hotel

opened in 1987 in the East end of the KangNam (South of the River) it is a Deluxe Hotel, Department Store, Shopping Mall and a huge in-door amusement park  centered around an eventful skating rink, connected to the outer lake in a Disney-like castle with more rides !

full day adult pass is W35,000
open 9:30am~11pm every day

Subway Line 2 JamShil Station Exits 3 & 4 opens up to the Dept.Store and virtually connected underground .



Lotte World Cultural Museum

within the above complex : one stop I highly recommend for those new to Korea, where you can walk through miniature buildings and people in a time-passage from pre-historic times to the Japanese Occupation . best part is even after you are done, for at the exit of the Museum a town of Korean restaurants awaits you . try any of the traditional cuisine centered around cooked-vegetables, which has kept their ancestors healthy for long .
adult entrance W5,000 open 9:30am~11pm every day

( if you have more time and feel adventurous : “Korean Folk Village” is a routine tourist spot with actual size counterparts of the above miniatures, 1:30 hours drive South of Seoul – with bus departing from several spots within Seoul including here at JamShil Subway Station Exit 6 and KangNam Subway Station Exit 6)

– January 2009

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