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YongSan KTX Station iPark Mall


its bullet train serving the Western half of Korea, this station has added fun parts by its geographical location : one of which is the high passage-way to THE YongSan Electronic District in Seoul, so of the whole Korea . and I warn you ahead – carry a map or you will get lost once inside : the routes to KTX Station, subway station, movie theatres, shopping centers and that passage-way to YongSan Electronics District is really a maze . I might add here that the easiest way to ask for the Electronics District is to ask for “Terminal SangGa” which is the linked building leading to the whole Electronics District .

OK where should I start .. originally built in 2004 as Space 9, several buildings that now form iPark Mall, operated by HyunDai, surround the KTX Train Station like a cocoon, clock-wise from North-East : Fashion, Furnitures, Electronics, Sports/Music/Books, Restaurants, Cultural Center & CGV IMAX Movie Theatre .
Fashion 11am~8:30pm, Restaurants 10:30am~10pm
Furnitures, Electronics & S/M/B 10:30am~8pm

then beneath the Fashion Wing lays the popular super mart called eMart, operated by another infamous ShinSaeGae Department Store chain . open 10am~midnight
accessible by Subway Line 4 YongSan Station Exit 4
but be forewarned a narrow alley midway to the complex is one of the few Red Light Districts left in Seoul .

– January 2009

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