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larger national super-markets in South Korea run by conglomerate group subsiadiaries . (*) asterrisk indicate more information on the bottom of this page .

  • eMart : the first mammoth super mart set up by *ShinSeGae conglomoerate in 1993 . now a whopping 173 branches in South Korea and China .
  • HomePlus : is a mammoth discount outlet opened by SamSung conglomerate in 1997, followed two years later on a 50:50 joint-venture with British TESCO , however the latter owns all by 2011 . they have spread a smaller version of HomePlus Express throughout South Korea, as well as acquiring 36 *HomeEver branches in 2008 . aside from that operating 85 branches throughout the nation . they have also began HomePlus 365 convenience store branches by the end of 2011 .
  • Lotte Mart :  opened in 1998 and currently 246 branches total in Korea as well as China, indonesia and Vietnam . also operating Toys’R’Us under license from 2007 .
  • MegaMart : operated by NongShim Group, established as DongYang SuperMarket Development in 1975, first mammoth discount outlet open 1995 in DongRae – the Northern department store shopping district of the Port City of Busan or Pusan, and since 12 branches mostly concentrated around this South-Eastern region of DaeGu and Busan or Pusan and one in China .


*ShinSeGae (Department Store) history :

  • 1930 : opened as Japanese Mitsukoshi Department Store, KyungSung Branch,
  • 1945 : operated as DongHwa Department Store after liberation,
  • 1963 : acquired by SamSung Group conglomerate,
  • 1997 : separated as independent ShinSeGae (meaning New World) Department Store,
  • 2001 : shortened official name to ShinSeGae, as the group spread out of department stores,
  • 2006 : acquired US WalMart after their closure in South Korea,
  • 2013 : currently operates Westin Chosun Hotel chain, Starbucks Korea, ChelSea Premium Outlets and Duty Free Shops ..


*Lotte Shopping : currently operates 45 branches of department stores and outlet malls including 3 over-seas, 199 Lotte Mart branches in Korea, China, indonesia and Vietnam, 194 Lotte Super market branches, 54 Lotte Cinema theatres and recently opened Gimpo Sky Park at the domestic airport at Western outskirts of SEOUL .

  • 1979 : constructed the first Lotte Department Store in the middle of downtown SEOUL,
  • 1996 : opened Lotte.com OnLine Shopping Mall,
  • 2001 : began Lotte Super market branches,
  • 2002 : acquired 8 branches of South Korea’s second department store chain Midopa,
  • 2005 : began Lotte Cinema movie theatres,
  • 2006 : acquired WooRi Home Shopping OnLine Store,
  • 2007~9 : acquired Chinese and indonesian super markets,
  • 2012 : acquired Hi-Mart electronics discount outlet,


*HomeEver : was another mammoth super-mart apparel company eLand set up to operate 36 branches in 2006, as French Carrefour closed around South Korea . however they too closed from massive demonstration from eLand’s firing part-time workers, and was acquired by HomePlus in 2008 .


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