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EveryThing You Ever Wanted to Know about the Capital’s, thus South Korea’s Textile AND Apparel WholeSale AND Discount District
but got lost in one building after another, for I just can’t figure out which is wholesale, then for textile OR apparel

– answers coming up, mean-while inquire more questions onto the Comment column at bottom –

  • OK, which is the BEST way to get to DongDaeMun ?
  • What is that gigantic ancient Korean house at the main crossing ?
  • How does this differ from another “great gate” AND shopping district NamDaeMun ?


  • Jesus, this place is h-u-g-e ! How do I even figure-out what is where ???
  • They say this place is the mid-night market . so ALL stores are open at night ONLY ?
  • is it safe here at night ?


  • How do I know if a building is for wholesale ONLY ?
  • so this place has the CHEAPEST clothes in ALL of Korea ?
  • Am I expected to bargain once at the stores ?


  • How about Exchanges, Returns AND Refunds ?
  • Are there any good restaurants in the area ?
  • When I have gained a whole bag-full OR more of items, can I take that BIG black taxis waiting on street entrances ?


  • What hotel options would I have near-by ?



– Korea Expat BLog –



12.12.28 DongDaeMun Apparel WholeSale Market

14.7.2 DongDaeMun East Gate Market Open Hours

13.8.3 DongDaeMun MAP

13.8.2 DongDaeMun Apparel WholeSale Market Summer Vacation Holiday Dates Closed 2013

13.9.13 DongDaeMun Market SEOUL ChuSeok ThanksGiving Holidays Closed Dates 2013


Hi, would you know when these wholesalers start to sell summer clothings? I’m thinking of visiting in end Jan…

WholeSale (East block of our dedicated MAP): Winter clothes are coming out NOW and fully in October while Summer clothes begins March and April then full by May .

Hi, m looking for wholesale tote bags and jewellery drills set/kit. And jute or burlap materials for sewing.
Pls advise where can I buy from and do they make shipping for our purchases?

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