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iBaraki Airport

landing on iBaraki Airport you can see it is amidst rural vinyl-house farms

older maps would indicate this as Hyakuri AirField as it only started civilian flights last Month as the third alternative airport to serve Japan’s Capital of Tokyo soon following Shizuoka Airport at the foot of Mount Fuji . 

  1. Haneda Airport is Japan’s first modern airport serving Tokyo from 1931 with international flights from 1952 . after which international flights moved to the newer Narita Airport in 1978 but still handles domestic flights as well as selective over-seas flights to near-by Korea and China .
    it is incredibly close to Tokyo by Millennium standards merely 30 minutes South via MonoRail or Subway from central Tokyo Train Station .
  2. Narita Airport is Tokyo’s main international airport but is a balking 2 hours away by limousine bus or local subway but surprising 40 minutes via the expensive Narita Express Train North-East from central Tokyo Train Station .
  3. Shizuoka Airport at the Southern foot of Mount Fuji lies amid barren lands in well-known hot springs area dotted with traditional inns . it is reachable Southfrom central Tokyo Station via an hour on Shinkansen Bullet Train then another hour on a small local bus -_-
  4. this iBaraki Airport is a further attempt to cash in on Tokyo’s flights but is the most inconvenient from central Tokyo Train Station for you have to take subway trains North-East from changing lines from express to local, and then airport-bound bus operating a few times only near flight times which is a couple daily . total commute takes roughly same as Southern Shizuoka Airport but your body feels much tired from longer bus-and-train wait-times, non-express nor direct access duh


currently only Asiana serves this iBaraki Airport from the Korean Capital of Seoul, with a single flight daily back-and-forth .

nearing touch-down you see this is largely farm-land and once landed you walk down the stairs like in classic Pan American Airways movies then interesting to see welcomers up at the terminal rooftop, perhaps because they are are just open for a Month now .

a few timed bus will take you to the nearest-but-still-afar iShioka Train Station, then a local train, to exchange to an express . after which I would recommend iBaraki Airport only to those with business or pleasure in Northern Tokyo such as Ueno .

iBaraki Airport Official WebSite :

– Korea Expat BLog, April 1st 2010 –


( April 2011 Update ) after Sendai EarthQuake and Tsunami followed by Fukushima Power Plant Melt-Down

in addition to the tire-some trip I had last year accessing Tokyo
this iBaraki Airport alternative for Tokyo access when all other flights are full : is now not an option, for this is mid-way between the Capital of Tokyo and actual radiation-effected areas North-East towards Sendai .


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