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Conglomerate Department Stores Designer Brand Unprecedented SALE

as the whole South Korean market is in doldrums following the sinking of a passenger taking more than two hundred high school students and government scandals ensued in uncovering its fault . add to this Summer migration to beaches is numb during peak vacation season due to typhoons heading North one after another from the Pacific Ocean .

thus local department stores notably the trio biggies like ShinSeGae, Lotte and HyunDai (in the order of history) are having their annual SALE Season earlier this year from August 6 Wednesday with more discounts .

Lotte Department Store Main Branch in the middle of downtown SEOUL is upping the ante by hold theirs in its connected Lotte Hotel second floor Crystal Ball Room instead of their usual sale space at 9th floor of their main building . they even added 30% of new models in addition to the usual stock from the past Season with some at 70% OFF .

ShinSeGae KangNam Branch at Banpo Bus Terminal will hold theirs August 6 Wednesday ~10 Sunday, the almighty-new Centum City Branch in Busan or Pusan at August 14 Thursday ~17 Sunday and Main Branch at ApGuJeong August 21 Thursday ~24 Sunday with maximum 70% OFF .

HyunDai will also begin sales 10 days earlier from last year : from August 7 Thursday offering import brand names at 80% maximum discount and increasing sales period from 3 to 9 days 😉 even considerably increasing Winter clothes .

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