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IL CIPRIANI italian Restaurant Shinsegae Department Store

“soften-taste” for Koreans iTalian restaurant IL CIPRIANI opened in the major intersection of “DoSanSaGeoRi” (DoSan 4-way intersection) among import-car filled DoSanDaeRo (DoSan BIG Road). South of the Han River in prestigious KangNam Area . spacious atmosphere with full-glass windows looking out onto the rest of KangNam . this was 2002 and since opened in restaurant floors major HyunDai Department Store Main Store and their COEX (Exhibition Complex) Branch .


closer to iTaewon accessible right through NamSan Tunnel 3 “NamSan SamHo Tunnel” is their branch on the 10th floor of the oldest ShinSeGae Department Store on the New Wing “ShinGwan”. at the entrance stands tall “Robot TaeKwon V” – the Mazinga Z of Korea . as their trademark with a wide view out looking onto NamSan “South Mountain” you can see another historic NamSan Public Library . as a restaurant known not for its higher price, it is a joy to find a quiet space among the bustling shopping floors .

starting off is their well-known set of bread and sweet potatoes with Korean-kind iTalian menu almost nouveau-cuisine .


this New Wing consist of your normal shopping needs with an underground BF floor of delightful groceries with recognizable import food & wine (better categoried in Lotte though). connected – all floors of the older Main Wing carries import designer labels .

after which you should check out the old NamDaeMoon (South Gate) Market directly behind, or head across the street onto MyungDong, where modern Korean fashion started in the 70’s . also diagonally across the street is Seoul Central Post Office in another huge glass building and following the road to the newer Lotte Department Store where 2 whole floors of Duty Free Shops await you .

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