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Christmas Eve MyeongDong Seoul

what do you do on Christmas Eve in South Korea ? well for starters : you won’t be having family dinner because Korean families do on traditional ThanksGiving and Lunar New Years BREAKFAST . Valentines and Christmas Eve is more for teen couples . and if you are fortunate to be in the vicinity of Metropolitan Capital (meaning Seoul AND the handful of satelite cities) you would head out to MyungDong .

this is where fashion started in Seoul, although now dispersed South of the Han River into KangNam . over the Millennium this has been the spot for young Japanese tourists here for a slice of the HanRyu (Hallyu – Korean Pop) craze .


this is looking outward from MyungDong West Entrance . you see Lotte Young Plaza department store with Westin Chosun Hotel in the background .


here the 2 wings of ShinSeGae Department Store – Korea’s oldest, overlooking outward from MyungDong SouthWest Entrance, next to Seoul Central Post Office whose sign in foreground .

MyungDong is a short ride through NamSan Tunnel 3 from iTaewon 😉

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