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Sicario 2015 REVIEW

from the rushing opening scene : you know this drug-bust is heavy . add gruesome cruelty . followed by wrapped bodies, then an immense booby-trap bomb killing assault agents . centered around a female lead, who turned-down Black Widow role in The Avengers . here she runs an FBi SWAT kidnap-response team . her black partner has ROTC law degree back from a tour in iraq . welcome to the precursor to immediate future with expedition to Mars led by a female commander (its own review on associate BLog).
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out-of-the-blue she is recruited into a special unit, which seem unbelieveably righteous on-start . at the short interview : she is asked if she is married with kids – where we eventually learn it is all about providing for, and revenge to . then you are shuttled on a private jet flying out of military bases, into busting operations back-to-back . all along swift action, are silent slow-motion moments : aerial view from planes show organic mountains and house blocks rowed in organized blocks, sort-of whispering how nature is alive, while humans are bound to cluttered life .

inter-agency joint-missions ensue, to capture a notorious Mexican drug lord . without a doubt, all of its team members are veterans : all go-go specialist in full tactical gear, who seem to take shooting as a pass-time . they are led by a cool hunting dog, whose identity is uncertain at most, to be revealed step-by-step : former Mexican prosecutor in Juárez, who made a pact with the devil after his wife’s head was cut and daughter thrown into acid .
vlcsnap-2379-05-04-02h13m53s110Sic2015_720mkv800x333curCaliL as we keep hearing one familiar (to dark action movies) word again : Medellin . why the name of a once-dominating Colombian drug cartel, in American-Mexican border skirmish ? no wonder the line between right-and-wrong and ofcourse legal vs.unsanctioned, blurs as even national borders become hazy : a good example are corrupt cops on both side of the border . thus the government’s last-ditch effort to at least have an allure of control over drug smuggling into the U.S.for it can only be fully undun when 20% of its citizens stop sniffing that crap – so it was a pact with the devil, to assassinate the new Mexican drug lord, to empower-back the Columbians ?!

“These decisions are made far from there, by officials elected to office, not appointed.”- Korea Expat BLog –

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