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Carol 2015 Review

fluid, quiet story from a mystery writer . the initial setting for the then-taboo affair : is a scene we all want a department store to be, imminent to the holiday season – looking-back from a time when super-malls are in every populated region, and then On-Line . compare to a rather Post-Modern scene in Love Actually 2003 .

being a classic book, and now an up-coming contender for the 88th Oscars : we all know the story, but the anticipated relationship don’t happen until well mid-way into the movie like very, very slowly testing the shallow waters . they go on a road-trip across Americana, and like As Good As it Gets 1997 : several things happen, among which there is a point when the whole perspective changes .

it is well narrated in the movie : one is established, mature and know what she wants . while the other counter-part is quite lost, and don’t know what she wants, except what feels like basic instinct : towards a profession and a relationship .


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