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90 Minutes in Heaven 2015 Film Review

Not sure how much of this year’s movie follows the 2004 best-seller book, which I bought back-then but have not read nor plan to, for I have sinned . Thus this Post is about the movie starring Hayden Christensen of Star Wars fame //

This story is overtly about one who serves God including his beloved family and friends . the tragic accident happens as he is returning from church, incited by a State-owned vehicle driven by an out-law . other-wise left-dead on the road (actually bridge): he is saved by church hymn sung by the very same church goer . in short : a miracle . while he might have had to amputate his arm and leg, he hold-on with the expertise and blessing of regional doctors, family and friends : he becomes able to walk again and serve God, although after painful years of rehabilitation . which is the second miracle .

The whole tone of this premise is down-to-Earth . quite normal . casual scenes you see at home, church, on the road and in the hospital . the slow-pace is dragged-down even more by the star character’s accent, which perhaps intentionally put to put an evil touch to the rising Jedi character on the two latest Episodes of Star Wars . but in all fairness : he has aged-well and humanely handsome to play an aspiring Priest – in fact the whole cast is quite beautiful .



then only towards the end after recovering : does he trust his near-death experience at the supposed Heaven’s Gate to his fellow friend and minister, then to his wife . the narration is quite short with a few sentences, while a bulk of readers and viewers including me : would have expected that take a good portion of the book and movie . but perhaps that is right, as he himself indulged the experience was quite short, more-over immediate and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity criss-crossing Space and Time might be at work though (Oh, I believe Gold and Einstein can co-exist).

it tells in no different tone than of others visualizing or hallucinating of close ones and familiar places, and would be subject of eternal debate which is what . he just saw familiar faces from the past in a bright back-ground, and God did not come order him to build an arc . but in the end this movie can be had as a nice family viewing after dinner, wireless on a remote hard-drive – no, you should not have to pay for this to actually go to a movie theatre .



– Our Father Who Art in Heaven, Korea Expat BLog –

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