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Great Wall 2016 Review

Suggested viewing in prelude : Dragon Blade 2015 – about the ancient trading route The Silk Road .

Although an intriguing story and movie, Martian didn’t win Golden Globe nor Academy Awards over Revenant so they grew Matt Damon’s hair and put him and his herd out in the wilderness.. and even so, it does not change the fact that The Great Wall of China was put-up to keep-out EurAsian tribes and NOT giant insects from StarShip Troopers .

[ Low-Points ]

  1. When making an adventure movie, at least try to make some things probable : not where a couple of opposing Chinese warriors speak p-e-r-f-e-c-t English ?!
  2. Then an apparel fitting model-stature girl – a Commanding General of the greatest army in the Orient ?!
  3. more the science and fiction a movie is to be : try to under-tone CG computer-generated graphic effects – like countless armies and monsters alike makes it look like a cheap game, duh

[ High-Points ]

  1. As shown on our own Avatar and icon above : Korea Tech BLog loves women in helmets and armour 😉 even if she cannot act and may have gotten her role through association rather than artistic talent .
  2. Although many early technologies were introduce in China and here in the movie too, the not-yet perfected air-balloon (where its riders keep-on burning-down) is simply fascinating, as Mr.Spock of Star-Trek fame will be impressed .

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