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President Scandal 2016

Soon after Civil War : military dictatorship took hold, to join hands with growing-conglomerate groups to develop the ever-war-torn Peninsula from poor farms to technological corporations . by the time of the first Olympics and Asian Games : the nation came under the eyes of the World, sort-of a general middle-class was finally formed and government administrations baton-touched through Presidents-for-the-business and Presidents-for-the-people . but covert mentality that was necessary to survive preceding foreign occupation and military regimes, resulted in each Presidents’ relatives accused at the end of their terms of bribes and extortion .

That is why the people then picked the daughter of the first dictator, to be their first female President, believing her father was the better of the herd – looking-back in the end . best-yet, what made her different than preceding Presidents who had bad relatives : she was in not-speaking terms with her relatives, even sister and brother . but the people would be wrong again . hints emerged now-and-then, soon to be over-clouded somehow . Then the first ignition to a nation-wide movement, came from an unexpected place : students of a prominent women’s University took over its main building, sitting-in to oppose the school’s decision to allow (in-short) paid diplomas – a chance for students to enroll without taking entrance exams to learn professional skills .

from ancient times : studying was an opportunity to rise in social ranks and with occupational force’s education system implemented : students were put to harsh curriculum to enter Junior High, High School then college . but even after they left, the nation kept this education system (largely because they had to have a way to filter a mass populace, and so many teachers, institutes and publishers were in this extra-education field to prepare students for exams) . thus students of this established University did not want others to enter without the effort they had to go through . (This very thought will have much more impact against current national Presidency, when the young populace soon learn how the national President’s friend’s only daughter was given escalating free-pass on each of these school tiers)

The (school as well as government – note here : critical decisions concerning large education institutions as well as corporations, are largely approved by the ruling administration) administration’s first mistake was dispatching 1600 police officers (many themselves twenty-ish lads in mandatory military service), into a women’s school held by 200 students on July 30 . this brought further sympathy from other students (also in other schools) as well as the general public .

The students were demanding one thing : that the school head step-down . but she didn’t and just rode-on for over two Months . then stories unfolded on how the daughter of a friend of the President (of the nation) was given free pass to enter this University and get grades while not even attending school – as a horse-riding competition medalist . it is from this point that new scandals emerged almost every morning, concerning the mother and the nation’s President . thus 83 days since the students held the school main building : its University head resigned on October 19 but denying fault .


Pandora’s Box was now open, and more (news of done) evil emerged out, than any citizen could imagine or see in any TV Drama : The Nation’s President confided in this friend more than any elected-or-appointed official, plus her relatives given all sorts of governmental and monetary gains (we’re talking huge contracts and national budgets here). some reports eventually point to shamanism than religion . I will fore-go details because this really gets-out of proportion as official government plans, spendings and big business are uncovered to be involved . at first the nations’ President announced she would let herself at the mercy of the Law, but backed-away behind lawyers when critical evidence against her amounted by-day .

to this its citizens (who have won over military rule before by harsh demonstrations) this time took a different approach to impeach the President : by peaceful rally.. with candles . and the aura is impressive – much like a festival than previous demonstration when the nation was at peril – perhaps because the people know this is too outrageous for the President to declare Marshal Law, which her father and his successor notoriously did . Well it is an era when : what the people think and see spread in seconds through On-Line social media in a Global World . and the geographical center of this where the most crowd is gathered, is right in front of the American Embassy ! that is in the Capital, but also amassing in which is considered to be the center of each larger cities as well..

on what seemed like nation-wide demonstration too large to plan and organized, November 18 : Citizens Emergency Activism to Retire Presidential Administration issued schedule maps on when and where candlelight rallies are going to be held throughout the Peninsula :

  • October 26 first rally
  • November 5 second rally
  • November 12 third rally 1,000,000 people expected
  • November 19 fourth rally : Department of Education is dispatching 20 personnel to care for safety of (high school) students, as they have now finished national college aptitude test on 17th Thursday . and this has become the first national rally in history, where even junior high school students are found to participate !
  • November 26 fifth rally 2,000,000 people expected – President approval rate 4%, 25 Friday : farmers began moving their tractors to the Capital but where held by police lines Saturday, on concern that they were carrying gasoline barrels considered hazardous .

ofcourse the participating number is debateable as the police prefer to down-play while participants over-count . here dependable count can be had with official records such as subway ticketing, but I will over-do with numbers from anticipating head-line news a couple of days before actual rally date . on that note : even public transportation system is compassionate to this historical movement as train conductors’ announcement over the carriage speaker says to “wish a safe rally” and bus schedules prolonged an hour after the usual last bus time .

One historically important point is that as each Week progresses,  the court is allowing closer access to Presidential House .. now by roads 200 meters away .


( November 9 Friday night update )

The sixth rally on the first Weekend of December 3 Saturday saw more candles turn-into flame-handles, which began scattered the Weekend before, and suburban farmers’ tractors made their second drive to into Capital limits, which was firmly held by the police . Then National Assembly’s public hearing aired throughout the Week showing most of higher government officials involved in extorting huge sums intended for betterment of national projects, and conglomerate chairmen who succumb to their demands . All climaxed the next Weekend on late-afternoon Friday November 9 for the National Assembly vote to impeach the President . then it’s unanimous vote was swiftly passed onto legal procedure, finally to inform the President’s residence The Blue House, hence her Presidential powers was ceased as of 7:03pm today .


( March 12 Sunday 2017 Finale )

A full two days after being removed by the Constitutional Court, the ex-President after delayed leaving until after sun-down perhaps to take use of the law that forbid (media) helicopters airborne, returned to her private home in the prime real-estate area of GangNam – just behind GangNam adminstrative office and a mere block North of COEX Exhibition Complex . so a historic scandal that shook the whole nation like never before has come to an end at 7:45pm. upon arriving at SamSungDong she hand-shook a dozen representatives with a smile, then went inside here home without any Official announcement, only to relay her finale message through her Press Attache : that she is “1.Sorry for not being able to fullfill her Presidential term 2.Will carry all (mishap) out with her 3.May take time but all truth will be revealed”
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