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for those here on a short stay perhaps in a one-room (which they call here studio) a cheap quite-sturdy desk which you can assemble yourself – thus no need for a car or mover – W40,000 at HomePlus Super-Mart . outside cashier there is a packing desk where you can find rope to tie-around and carry about 11kg. will go into a taxi rear-seat .

box size 106 x 52 x 11.5cm assembles onto 98 x 46 x 89cm desk
steel frame with top particle board (wood particles pressure-bonded, so not that strong) Made-in-China
IMG_4084EraMiTC800x600 IMG_4090EraMiTC800x600
contains all nuts, bolts and hexagon driver with an understandable drawing manual on how to assemble – takes about 20 minutes . you should have a horizontal-level meter that carpenters use (but a portable one would suffice) to make sure the rather-weak structure goes into place and stands horizontally . just large enough for a laptop / notebook but rather weak for a printer so put in down on the grown instead .


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