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Lotte Tower FireWorks

you will have largely four choices to dig-in for the view :

  1. in the immediate cross-roads of the old JamSil Lotte Hotel and the NEW Lotte Tower : where the advantage would be you will be able to hear the narration of events going around the short time over the microphone . while cross-road right at the actual JanSil Subway Station IS the main entrance for each of Lotte Groups front and main entrance, the wiser choice would be around the Southern corner of SeokCheon Lake where you can lie-down on the grass for a true iMAX-style panoramic-view unfolding around-you (befitting the release here at Lotte Cinema last week for Avengers EndGame)! ofcourse the ultimate romantic choice would be to be inside Magic island Castle (don’t forget you’re all supposed to have comic-ear-bands 😉 that is, if you get get in it amongst the crowds as the whole of SEOUP populace is expected to be here..
  2. a couple of blocks away from the above cross-road, but where no obstacles will block your view – such as a huge road.. and the next West-ward subway station at (formerly ShinChun – NOT ShinCheon at MapoGu) JamSil SaeNae Station all on the same Subway Line 2. cars will start double-parking about ten-minutes counting-in to the show and simply standing-up around the road would suffice .
  3. just across-the Han River either at (West) TteukSeom Entertainment Land to (East) Northern-ram of GwangJin Bridge at the entrance to GwangJin Residents’ Sports Center .
  4. then you have the four mountains around the whole area shown at map below for birds-eye view of the historic event .

lastly here are the warnings : ofcourse the immediate JamSil crossing and around SeokCheon Lake is the best place to enjoy all up-and-close but there will be early placers taking space right after lunch, plus immediate areas will be fended-off in the name of safety as fireworks debris might fall-upon and you can forget coming to actual JamSil Subway Station imminent to beginning time nearing 8pm, as 1st: trains won’t stop here during fireworks AND there won’t be any space to move-around.. even trying to get out of this SubWay Station !
fireworksImg2_2019_1020 Screenshot_20190502-052334
May 4 Saturday 2019 : the prelude will begin 8pm sharp with blots of fireworks every 10 minutes after which the main event will come into place starting 8:30 lasting mere 11 minutes but which will remain in your memory for another decade .

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