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Packaged Natural Market O Brownies Cookies Korea


long-time Korean cookie maker Orion introduced Market O packaged cookies in corporation with the star-studded company that introduced the well-being restaurant of the same name in August 2003 . by No, Hee Young .

Orion also owns Bennigan’s franchise in Korea and has taken over the Market O restaurant chain at the end of 2006 .
Market O has 6 restaurants in Korea while 4 is alongside Bennigan’s .
Bennigan’s in the States declared bankruptcy in July 2008 but the Korean franchise has been doing comparably well it may hold onto it still .

so if you want to try a Market O restaurant :

  • ApGuJong : across Cine City movie theatre, open 24 hours .
  • Olympic Park : across South 2 Gate, open 11 am ~ 11 pm.
  • COEX Exhibition Complex : Subway Line 2 SamSung Station Exit 6 COEX Square, open 11 am ~ 11 pm.
  • DoGok : Subway Line 3 MaeBong Station Exit 2, open 11 am ~ 11 pm.
  • Seoul KTX Station 1st floor, open 11 am ~ 11 pm.
  • inCheon International Airport 4th floor restaurant area, open 7 am ~ 9 pm.


also in food courts inside Galleria Department Store West Wing and HyungDai Department Store COEX Branch underground floor, both open 10:30 am ~ 8 pm.

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