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iKEA GoYang

local furniture industry was horrified when Swedish mogul iKEA made a belated grand opening December 2014 in the Southern Satellite city of GwangMyeong, aided by Korean-Japanese conglomerate Lotte . it was panic-shopping Months following as Koreans and expatriates or rather now English teachers flocked to shop and eat .

the rush gradually settled, just in time now mere three years later : October 19 2017 a second iKEA furniture outlet opened in another satellite city around the Capital of SEOUL – this time towards the West .

this is only 20 minutes by car to-and-from Shinsegae (New World) StarField (Mega) Mall who also opened their second branch here . these areas are best adept by car but a direct Bus number 733 takes you there just as good in 35 minutes . other buses also but with one change interim .

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