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2018 PyeongChang Olympics LIMITED Long Down Padding

after one of the hottest Summer around the Korean Peninsula, zero-degree Celcius freezing-point Winter came early in 2017/2018 and chances are you have seen hordes of latter-elementar, junior-high, high school and college students entering campus in some of the lengthiest coats fashion has seen so-far . that is the latest craze and I should tell you to get the largest no-matter the fit, as it will be longer below your knees AND get black is the coolest . North-Face is the in-brand, however most of these brands cost around W400,000 so now you can see what happens if similar coats sell for well-under W200,000 mark :

ShinSung TongSang is an mediocre up-and-running apparel company established in 1968, with younger brands like UnionBay and ZioZia . they made OEM coats named “PyeongChang long-padding” comprised of 80% goose down and 20% feather manufactured in black, charcoal and white colors, with contracts from Korean-Japanese Conglomerate Lotte Department Store . there is no noticeable logo on the outside, while inside this Olympic’s slogan “Passion Connected” engraved .


many aspects came together to make this the perfect storm, Oh I mean winter coat to make it sell-out four-times faster than the Olympic itself, whose sale is lagging due to over-priced entrance tickets as well as lodging hiked-up prices over ten times . it began selling last week to make buyers wait over-night for queue numbers, while next sale will be November 22 Wednesday, 24 Friday then 30 Saturday :

  • Foremost, freezing Winter came early this year 2017
  • Retail price of W149,000 is half of even affordable down coats (NorthFace’s is W380,000 discounted) and currently selling at used forums for W180,000 ~ W250,000 NEW
  • it is in a sense : Limited, for the manufacturer have set output at 300,000 and vendor sale dates .
  • no outer year or logo, so can wear long after Olympic hype .


Lotte Department Store has Officially stated it will be stocked for the last time on November 30 Thursday onto MyeongDong Main Branch along with JamSil Avenuel, Busan and Daegu .

and shown the more expensive brand NorthFace
노스페이스 홍보대사 강소라의 국가대표 롱다운 리미티드 에디션

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