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The Counselor 2013 REVIEW

while catching-up on Oscar nominees for 2016 Academy Awards to be announced day-after-tomorrow January 14 Thursday : a dark drama fitting expatriates venturing to invest money to keep them amused throughout the Globe .

[ ALL-STAR CAST ] one joyous past-time while watching this movie is catching well-established actresses and actors, well adapted (in looks and dialog) to play their roles .

[ CORMAC MCCARTHY ] the signature opulent AND cruel scenes-botched-into-one scenes, recurring among the seemingly normal emerge again in familiar Hispanic atmosphere .

[ BI-POLAR EXTREME LIFE AND DEATH ] Jet-set living from Amsterdam to London cuts amid heads chopping-off related characters in the easy-but-deadly money making, amid sewage trucks guised to transport drugs .

[ CRAP PHILOSOPHY ] quite a lot of dialogue moments appear in the midst of gruesome scenes . most narrating their own version of philosophy to justify their acts, work and living . passable is the one from the Amsterdam diamond dealer in the beginning, and those from American leads are at least comprehensible, but ensuing Mexican drug-cartel leaders mumbling their crap excuse, on their atrocity in their filthy gang-land : should be ditched on the next sewage hole . they are not worth trying to decipher, which many movie critiques and review site try to do .


in the end after a lot of money involved at the price of savage death : you vaguely wonder if it is worth it .

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