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I Finally Got iT Dunes Saga

there was a time when I read through Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Series, which came after I sought Shakespeare and Company Book Store and began reading Plato’s The Republic, where I have to note I once sold old school books to its owner George Whitman when money came-late from my parents – and God he bought’em c-h-e-a-p, Yes Yes I was living the Ernest Hemingway Dream // but from some-where along the line I stopped reading books and I guess it was around when I stopped drawing, although I always wanted to be a writer (I mean they always have a cabin deep in the the woods with a maid cleaning house and even a cozy house on exotic islands) and is essentially of art-school origin .

am Posting this on my Expat BLog instead of Tech, as this is a masterful literary achievement than High-Tech, consciously expected to last long-after computers have gone – quiet similar to the atmosphere of the World of Dune of when it is told

DSC_3973rotcc2fil360x825CaliExSo I haven’t read the book although if I had, would have guessed George Lucas got mucho ideas from the epic Dune and instead viewed David Lynch’s 1984 film over-and-over and still didn’t perhaps for starters I gave-up right at the beginning when the prelude voice-explaination was incomprehensible to the laymen . pass several years to today when I saw this 2021 Denis Villeneuve remake whose pretext was shorter but still complicated, and sort-of got-it . only to back-track to see 2000 Sci-Fi Channel TV mini-series and dig into Frank Herbert’s inspiration on its making – noteably visiting Oregon Sand Dunes and cultivating mushrooms – where I finally did get-it and for those that still hasn’t : follow-up that last paragraph like mushrooms, of how vital this fictitious Spice is more-over on its effects on various levels of conscious beings even before out-right inter-spacial trade. Yes my first miss in the first movie was neglecting this as another conjured-up item in a wish-ful universe //

[ Epilogue ]

and Yes they were correct : witnessing the filthy-flop of the first movie and now the second that barely got-through, you cannot make a theatric-length feature film of the classic science-fiction novel . mainly because it is impossible to fit the grand universe, complex story with master-talented actors in-place into two hours in the largest movie-theatre today on Planet Earth, not-to-mention CJ Entertainment Conglomerate’s 4DX 3-D movie experience still in its infant stage . the one that got the closest so-far is the mini-series which got its story through to its audience due to its lengthy total of four-and-a-half hours for each original book, even though its graphics was evidently mediocre computer graphics . so the stage is set for the future . perhaps when near-life virtual reality that spans over the whole sky lasting over six-hours experience will be delivered to a theatre near-you //

– From One World to the Next, Korea Expat BLog (Original Photograph CopyRighted)

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