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Protection Mask Over-Distribution Stable-Price

Corona Virus hit the Korean Peninsula over this Chinese Lunar NEW Years in February 2020, soon-after facial protection masks, disposable protective gloves and hand-sanitizers were sold-out to raise its price to over-premium . the peak was in March-April when /any/ masks went-for over W4,000 apiece (which sold below W1,000 before). it is important to note : Koreans sought highest quality KF94 certification products Made-in-South Korea ONLY afraid anything less would be prone to Covid-19 getting through . KF-certificate levels were originally given to protect against sand-dust coming from Mongolia . even government subsidiaries giving-out FREE masks to local dwellers as well as elderly passed-out KF94 Standard masks .

as the price of KF94 masks dropped to below W2,000 gradually, another peak came early Summer when people sought Dental Masks without precision filters – much cheaper coming in a pack of 50 instead of one each packaged independently – for easy breathing during hot weather, and Kleenex products again sold for over four-times its normal value .

and as Autumn falls again, the situation is completely different . as there are over 680 local manufacturers in South Korea as of early November 2020, many cannot stand lowering price any more and are going under and bankrupt . the government is trying to find export sources abroad but it does not seem to help so-far .

meaning you now have a myriad of choice when purchasing masks when only a couple of the most popular are still sold-out, as most manufacturers are small-scale . there once was a time when drug-stores had a limit to how many you can purchase – although export of KF-masks is still limited to family(the way-around is to send industrial masks which just as-good) – currently even convenience stores sell them although are not the cheapest . like any other, the best price is On-Line while some sell through their own website . even sold-out you can find resellers easily seeking to make a few more by adding little atop .

I could say the following are the most popular in South Korea from the beginning this year until now :

  1. https://www.yuhan-kimberly.co.kr Kleenex has become a house-hold brand here too from tissues to toilet paper and paper towels, that citizens snatched-up them first when news of epidemic came from China last Christmas . people trust in them no-matter the filter-level be it KF94 KF80 and dental masks – Lowest price today W710 !!! each
  2. http://www.welkeepsmall.com the most popular stand-alone company making masks only with variety of sizes and filters – Lowest price today W900 each calculated for a box of 100.
  3. https://smartstore.naver.com/aer-shop a unique brand luring followers with their soft image and materials, packaging box and even advertising model – Lowest price today W940.

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on this Post, I introduced the most popular brand masks while you can yonder to previous Posts on Korean Standard for difference on filters to select quality of protection initially from sand-storm but now also from killer viruses . yet one important factor remains – largely to your own self, as it is the fit .

two factors here : earlier models come as folded, for you to open-up to use . and some more precision makers have 3-D models which cover lower parts of your face like a dome .  and it really is not fair to say the latter will be more comfortable nor that it will give maximum protection as faces differ in shape .

then, most known brands have them in two or more sizes and some for children too . plus dependent manufacturers print a ruler on one side of the mask package so that you might guess if this will fit onto your face – mostly measuring between your nose-top and ear-top . but after trying many I can say you really have to try one on so buy one a few popular brands and order more of the one that you feel most comfortable, for at times you have to put in one continuously for several hours duh

– Korea Expat BLog

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