Korea Expat BLog

Corona Virus TimeLine

vlcsnap-2020-05-15-14h42m42s963LcSk480layBkOSredHere is the voyage of the deadly virus borne from filthy Wuhan animal market in Central China to become a Global Pandemic Covid-19 early 2020 on Planet Earth:

  1. January 31  Friday US President denies foreigners entry from China
  2. February 29 Saturday US President says it will disappear like a miracle
  3. March 11 Wednesday World Health Organization Director General declares Covid-19 a Pandemic and US President blocks foreigners from Europe except UK,
  4. March 16 Monday Corona Virus hits all 50 States
  5. March 27 Friday US diagnosed numbers surpass original China
  6. April 5 Sunday US death rise over war-time deaths of Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and iraq combined,


– God Safe Our Souls, Korea Expat BLog

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