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SamDaDo Raw Fish SuShi YongDam LePorts Park Olleh Road Jeju Airport

aside from touring the beaches around the island PLUS the many amusement parks formed within over the Millennium : eating is the other pleasure while visiting Jeju . although you know what to seek : like local oranges and fresh catch from the sea, the problem hits as there are so many restaurants – all touting to be THE authentic original who started it all .

so you try to fixate the coordinates : NOT that expensive, preferrably with ocean view and famous from early visitors .. better if it is close to the airport and/or in one of the restaurant-concentrated areas . one such find that fits ALL mentioned terms is right at airport shores . ofcourse it is quite expensive as a traditional tourist site with set menus going for W300,000 ~ 400,000 with various raw fish and fries . but with recent discount app on your iPhone or Android smart-phone you can have it at 10% (NOT 10 percent OFF) 0o0 as long as you can set a reservation date and time, without refund .
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