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Stalingrad 2013 Review

such a historical battle deserves many movie re-makes, although you aughh no, no-more after viewing each content to remind-you of such horrors in humanity – you cannot help but compare with preceding movies : Russian Stalingrad 1993 (ofcourse you should watch the re-mastered version) and Enemy at the Gates 2001 from Hollywood . the former begins with fresh German soldiers transferred via railway into Stalingrad, while the latter ushes rag-tag Russian soldiers over the Volga River to defend the burning city with their lives – literally .

* * * * * SPOILER WARNING * * * * *

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what You don’t expect from this fresh 2013 Russian version is the beginning : with low-tone Japanese narration describing its destruction of North-Eastern shores of Tohoku from massive tsunami on March 2011 resulting from off-shore earth-quake, leading to eventual melt-down of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant – and for historic context : the natural event on human technology that succumbed the almight Japanese industry and there-fore moral which had been hush-hushing since post-war development onto the Mordern Age . You see a Post-Millennium (today) Russian rescue team being flown into the disaster site where buildings have collapsed, and a German family of five is trapped underneath . they verify the survivors via optic fiber inserted and begin talking in German . (O.K., I get-it : Russian aiding German in Japan struct with another disaster albeit natural but geez, easy on the story-telling please as the content is horrific enough) a trapped (student) girl sobs that her father is dead .. and one of the Russian rescuers confide in her that he had five fathers .. thus the story begins there-after on how he did, although by-now you guest from the title it would be some-where between rape and comradery :

Yes it is tacky, but more is trying to envision a movie made in another culture into yours, with sub-titles and/or dubbing lending how it all unravels . happens less in Das Boot 1981 for things are more simple inside a submarine, but does happen in the previously German-made Stalingrad 1993 . (thus coming full-circle after Hollywood-made Enemy at the Gates 2001 from the American point-of-view) and more on this new Russian 2013 version for you want to proceed more quickly, now familiar with its actual story-line .

* * * * * DANGER ! DANGER ! WILL ROBINSON * * * * *

a big difference on this movie version : is that early Russian Spotters and Scouts are organized and sneak-in on the beginning of the past-story, like most-professional Ninjas . eventually the story is about a building changing sides depending on which side comes to it next . all-the-while both sides are much more accustomed into life among the war-torn rubbles and yes you pity locals who has been living there and how war has brought such misery into their homes . and in the end when German Tigers are finally re-enforced to solve the stale-mate : the Russian call-in their own barrage, to desipate from the Earth destroying the German attackers – circa November 1942 .
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( Post-Script ) the version I watched : is Russian audio is dubbed into English, and German with sub-titles where you cannot wonder it would have been mucho better with European accent than of fast, perfect-slang English . and in the end after scenes and scenes of anarchy, you wonder if there is any need for a story as better to simply throw a bunch of carnivores into a cage and watch fleshes be torn-apart .

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