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KonYangJung GinSeng Chicken Soup

HapJeongDong is a minor subway hub where Lines 2 and 6 intersect, West of SEOUL just before crossing the bridge across the Han River to mid-way business island of Yoido, then the humble YeongDeungPo . here right in front of subway Exit 7 awaits KonYangJung offering traditional Korean GinSeng chicken soup called SamGaeTang, long-revered to energize your body if not from the internationally taboo’ed dog soup, which locals still much favour . it is next to Paris Baguette bakery and on the second floor-up of GimBabCheonGuk (seaweed rice heaven) – all which are proliferating food franchise in South Korea . and this branch to our joy had a good view of the whole intersection . 
 IMG_8053cur640 IMG_8044cur640 IMG_8045_640 IMG_8048_640
this is more of a health food company which was established in 2008 as a GinSeng research project from KonYang University . with eye-catching menu with soups distinguished as Power-X for strong men, Woman-Care for beautiful women, ReVitalizing after illness and Arang Soo for the growing child .. shown below in order except the last :
GeonYang b01 Power X GeonYang b03 Woman Care GeonYang b05 ReVive 

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