Korea Expat BLog

Freitag Bag Collector’s Creed

This is my Ben . There is none like it and it is mine .

My Ben is my best friend . it is a constant companion in my life, be it work or play .
thus I have come to master it though I still have to even come near understanding my own Life .

My Ben, without me would be another collector’s item hung on a wall .
without my Ben : daily amenities would be much uncomfortable and inconvenient .
it is more-so because I have chosen this model out of Fritag’s three dozen,
for every compartment suit my very need .

My Ben and I know God, we are saving nature and life itself as we recycle
even if we are paying European-designer label prices for it .

as a long-time Freitag collector : I have come to know its strength AND weakness
although its initial ad and those before me : atest the more worn, the cooler ..
but me think NOT so : as its flamboyant shape had with inner filling when NOT in use,
and the first to go, will be its corners which still last much longer than normal fabric .

thus I am of the school who believe Freitag is best kept clean, and used with care .
and I huddle it through business and flights than toggle along on a bicycle .

my favourite designs are graphic : depicting a country’s flag or an airline logo .
it has long kept my doings efficient and looks prestigeously cool much like the Swiss Alps .

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