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DongDaeMun ThanksGiving Holiday

Korean ThanksGiving (actual ThanksGiving on October 1 Thursday) Weekend lasts 5 full days in the year 2020, boosted by National Foundation Day on October 3 Saturday . in addition next Weekend adds Korean (literal) Character Day on October 9 Friday to make it a 3-day holiday too . Korean mystique-solver continues as both Retail and WholeSale sectors in DongDaeMun Apparel District open and closed days and hours are listed here all from Official announcements from each building (each individual market name is its building itself) and as always going clock-wise from North-West to South-East – Note : English spellings may differ as some older buildings’ names were set pre-SEOUL Olympics 1988 when the bulk of Offiicial Korean-to-English spellings were changed from how local names was pronounced by G.i.’s during the Korean War to names dedicated for international business and communities, where spellings take precedence if they have Official WebSites .


[ NORTH-WEST] ( immensly large bedding and fabric building – divided into a maze of blocks and floors once inside – rear of the NEW JW Marriott DongDaeMun Square SEOUL Hotel )

[ NORTH-EAST] ( whole area containing toys, shoes, birds and aquarium sectors on the Northern bank of CheongGaeCheon waterways East-ward from the actual ancient East Gate : DongDaeMun )
*CheongGyeCheon Shoes Market (third long West-East-narrow building, East of the actual East Gate monument running parallel along the Northern bank of CheongGaeCheon waterways) 2020 TBA.

*CheongGye (pronounced Chung-Gae) 6-Ga UnderGround Shopping Center (a block South of DongDaeMun Subway Station) will be open through-out 2020 – understandable as this is the passage for all, including Chinese tourist using the subway

[ WEST BLOCK ] (mostly tall, consumer-oriented buildings where some need bargaining)
*PyeongHwa Clothing Market (considered the original apparel market building in DongDaeMun selling OEM surplus to frugal Korean consumers) : closes September 29 Tuesday 6pm to re-open October 4 Sunday 10pm after SIX full-days OFF 2020.
*Tong-il SangGa (Re-Unification Market as some old buildings are named with memories of the Korean War still ripe) 2020 TBA.
*DongHwa SangGa (Korean of East Flower Market) : closes 9.30 Thur.~10.4 Sun.2020.
*HyunDai Outlet City, DongDaeMun Branch will be open throughout ThanksGiving as it ONLY closed on Chinese LUNAR NEW Years earlier 2020.
Doota Mall : 2020-closes only TWO full days on September 30 Wednesday and actual ThanksGiving Day on October 1 Thursday (normal hours 10:30am~next morning 5am, Sundays until midnight)
*Migliore : 2020 TBA.
Good Morning City : 2020-TBA (normal open hours 10:30am~1am closed Tuesdays)


[ EAST BLOCK ] ( whole-sale, mostly open at nights )
*ShinPyeongHwa Fashion Town (translates into NEW Peace Market) : closes September 29 Tuesday to re-open October 5 Monday night

*NamPyeongHwa Sanga /South Peace Market, the West-East-long building just South of CheongGaeCheon waterflow (which was the highway running West-East across downtown of the Capital from Liberation Day 1976 until June 30 2003 when it was demolished to make-way for this peace-ful water-way giving sojourn to the now-massive city-dwellers Post-Millennium)
– closes September 29 Tuesday for 2nd and 3rd Floors selling clothes to re-open October 5 Monday night 8pm, while 1st ground Floor & under-ground Floor selling bags later at mid-night 2020 (normally open midnight ’til noon)

*Max Style now re-modeled 2020 TBA (normal open hours 10am~5am, Saturdays until 5pm with break times 6~8pm and Sundays 8pm~ next morning 5am)
Jeil PyeongHwa ShiJang (translates into First Peace Market) close September 29 Tuesday 5pm to re-open October 5 Monday morning 9am (normal open hours  9am~5:30pm 8pm~next morning 5am, Saturdays until 5pm and Sundays 9pm~5am) 2020.
GwangHee Fashion Mall : 2020-closes September 30 Wednesday to re-open October 5 Monday evening (normal hours 8pm~next morning 5am closed Saturdays 5am~Sundays 8pm)
BelPost WholeSale : 2020-TBA (normal hours 8pm~ next morning 5am closed Saturdays, while Ground Floor opens 9am~5pm 8pm~5am and Saturdays 9am~4pm)
*DongPyeongHwa Fashion Town (East Peace Market): 4th Floor and Underground Floors will close September 30 Wednesday to October 5 Sunday, GroundFloor 1 up to 3F : until October 4 Sunday 2020.
Art Plaza : 2020-TBA.
AllNeo-W (strangely pronounced Olleo-W in Korean) 2020-TBA.
SeoPyeongHwa SangGa (West Peace Market in Korean, but on the East section of DongDaeMun market area in reality) still closed for re-modeling.. 2020
*HaeYang Elysium : will close September 29 Tuesday in the wee~hours at 2am to re-open October 5 Monday night 9pm 2020.
*Techno Sanga (Tech Market in Korean – NOT electronics products at all) closes September 29 Tuesday to re-open October 4 Sunday afternoon 2020.
*ChungPyeongHwa Shijang (Blue Peace Market in Korean) closes early morning September 29 Tuesday 6am, to re-open October 4 Sunday night 11:50pm  2020 (normal open hours from midnight until noon, Saturdays until 6am and closed Sundays)
*Theot : 2020 TBA (OFF for six whole-days, normal open hours from midnight until noon, Saturdays until 6am and closed Sundays)
*DDP (DongDaeMun Plaza) Fashion Mall formerly U:US (pronounced U-yours) 2020 TBA.
Team204 : 2020-closes September 29 Tuesday to re-open October 5 Monday evening
*Nuzzon Fashion Mall : closes September 30 Wednesday to October 4 Sunday 2020 (normal hours: 8pm~6am and closed Saturdays 6am ’til Sundays 8pm)
Designer Club WholeSale : 2020-TBA (normally open 8pm~6am closed Saturdays)
Golden Town : 2020-TBA (normally open 9am~6pm closed Sundays)
APM Lux : 2020-will close September 30 Wednesday until October 4 Sunday (normally open 8am~next morning 5am, closed Saturdays)
*APM Fashion Mall : will close September 30 Wednesday until October 4 Sunday 2020 (normal hours 8am~next morning 5am, closed Saturdays)

[ SOUTH-WEST ] ( newer consumer retail buildings )
*Hello APM : 2020 TBA.
*Lotte Fit-in : will close ONLY 25 Saturday the actual Chinese NEW Years 2020 !
[ SOUTH-WEST ] ( newer buildings )
APM Place : 2020-will close September 30 Wednesday until October 4 Sunday (normal hours 2pm~next morning 5am, closed Saturdays and Sundays open at 7pm)


– Korea Expat BLog, lasted updated on actual ThanksGiving Day October 1 Thursday

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