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Japanese Fusion Restaurant Mitania Shinsegae Department Store Central City Branch

Post-Millennium South Korea : in concentrated habitats of larger cities
high-rise residential apartments have long~ scraped past the department stores
deemed the high-rise symbol of prosperity in modern Korean cities, ditto Japan and China ..

no need to go to South Gate “NamDaeMoon” black markets to gather American military rations
for on the basement of these department stores much American and Japanese food AND European wine await you .

and on top lies some of the most tastey Global-level restaurants to land in South Korea
or, ones made-up to look AND taste like one 😉


here in Banpo, blocks East of SeoRaeMaul Hill – home to French Expatriates in the Capital of Seoul
and the old out-of-city Bus Terminal serving Southern Cities
added another massive multi-shopping complex called Central City
housing JW Marriott Hotel, YongPoong BookStore (unlinked due to security issues) and Cinus Movie Theatre .

although forming Central City, this branch of ShinSeGae Department Store is called KangNam Branch
NOT to confuse with Centum City, which is the more massive complex in the Port City of Busan or Pusan on the way to touristy HaeunDae Beach .


Kitchen Mitania is a new branch of Japanes Fusion Restaurant comparable to another Japanese “Donkatsu” Cutlet Special Restaurant Saboten on the same 9th floor .

fore-most and my choice is various Japanese traditional Pot “Nabae” dishes . they also pride in THE largest jumbo shrimps in Seoul and again good-ol’Japanese cutlet called “Donkatsu” dipped in sweet soy steak sauce especially made for this .
ofcourse a good companion would a good-warm Japanese sake “V”



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