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Missing Air France 447 Tail Fin Section Found on Atlantic

the once-beautifully design-ful Air France logo stripe now floating on the Atlantic Ocean remind us of a gruesome alternative to Technology. search crews here recovering vertical stabilizers from the ill-fated AirBus A330-200 .
Brazil Plane 090603 Brazil's Defense Minister Nelson Jobim, left, in front of a diagram of the crash area of Air France flight 447 during a news conference in Brasilia, Wednesday, June 3, 2009


latest narrative slide show >>LINK<< offers visual information on current desperate efforts in search of clues left in the downed JetLiner .

interactive map >>LINK<< shows materials recovered day-by-day on the search area .


  • capt_photo_1244442931760-9-0May 31st 7:30 pm, 2009 – Air France Flight 447 departed from Rio de Janeiro, local time,
  • 10:33 & 10:48 pm -last radio and radar contact with Brazil air traffic control 400 miles North-East of Brazil, just before entering Senegal-controlled airspace off West Africa,
  • 11 pm – pilot signals entrance into thunderstorm,
  • 11:14 pm – series of messages automatically generated from the plane on the fateful last 4 minutes sent via satellite to Air France Charles de Gaulle Airport base indicate many electrical malfunctions including : autopilot disengaged, stabilizing controls damaged, fight systems deteriorated, speed/altitude/direction monitors failed, main flight computer and wing spoilers failed, cabin pressure lost and complete system failure,
  • June 1st 6:15 am – scheduled to arrive in Paris,


[ FACT ]

  • this AirBus A330-200 began service in May 2005,
  • Captain Marc Dubois 58 and two co-pilots age 37 and 32 at the helm,
  • total of 228 people on board mostly French, Brazilian and German passengers,


as massive search is under way to recover its flight recorders which will beep for a month 12,000 ft below the ocean, many theories arise including a bomb threat days before, most likely of which is that the plane reduced too much speed in face of turbulence, to a stall at an altitude of 35,000 ft. and could not recover from it in tropical storm at night . and no, this is not anywhere near Bermuda Triangle .

those who know how to read the final messages automatically sent by the plane chill up, for there seems to have been too many errors showing up in front of the pilot all at once .. he won’t have had time to do much . the last warning indicates loss of cabin pressure .


in memory of those brave enough to fly
out of choice as well as for pleasure

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