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Tokyo Olympics 2020

as of this Posting early March : Tokyo Olympics 2020 Post will have to do with cancellation possibility amid Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant leak and more-over Wuhan Corona Virus spread .

two issues today March 4 Wednesday :

First : Japanese Prime Minister Abe revealed today the government had massive stock of disposable safety face masks but all is NOT intended for the general public – hinting it is all for upcoming Olympics when the whole of Japan is experiencing shortage of masks .

Second : The Minister in charge of Tokyo Olympics 2020 Hashimoto announced (first of its kind ever) the possibility it might be delayed in view of current epidemic (going pandemic). also mentioning the contract states any date within the same year will be considered delay than down-right cancellation . further-more than end-of-May will be the last deadline to decide .

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[ March 24 Tuesday announcement ] iOC international Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach and Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to postpone the much-anticipated 2020 Tokyo Olympics (now second try since the historic 1964 which jump-started Post-War Japanese economy to soar onto the developing World ) due to Corona Virus . the initial Opening Ceremony had been planned for July 24 Friday but the whole event will be put-off for approximately a year .


( May 22 Friday update ) IOC Coordination Commissioner John Coates states (although NOT an Official Announcement) in realistic-view : forth-coming 2021 Olympics would be not be possible, considering an aghast 11000 athletes from 206 different countries from all corners of the World would be gathering in the midst of a Global pandemic . this comes after President Bash’s statement this Olympics will be cancelled if it cannot be held next year in 2021 . in prospect :

  1. aside from a few developed countries, none would be able to totally manage this crisis
  2. even if a vaccine would be invented by then, it may not be enough for the whole world to share
  3. quarantining athletes, restricting spectators and controlling the media in the midst of this would be daunting

mean-while Japanese Olympic Committee said it has not discussed possibility of cancellation with the international counter-part, while it would be a shame for Japan to counter a third cancellation after 1940 Summer AND Winter Games due to World War ii.


( June 10 Wednesday ) in a Press Conference after Meeting of iOC international Olympic Committee Board of Directors : Tokyo Olympic Committee Organizer will reduce 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Games athletes, participants and attendees to have a safe venue with the understanding of its citizens, doubting this will be a game with splendid festivity .

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