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iKEA WebSite Open

iKEA Korea opened its Official Korean Web-Page or Home-Page today . with options in English as well as Korean : announcing their first GwangMyeong branch will open end of December . however with its partial price revealed on their extensive line of products : local media went on to criticize it 5%~30% higher price-tag compared to their branches in neighboring countries like Japan and China . plus delivery charge is told to be expensive also . SONY DSC 


10.10.3 OutLet Malls

12.1.21 When Where IKEA Furniture Store Open GwangMyeong PaJu South Korea

14.9.9 IKEA Korea Opening GwangMyeong KTX Station (with regional map)

14.12.17 iKEA GwangMyeong Opening Day


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